News – Ashton Kutcher to Play Apple Creator Steve Jobs

By Dominic La-Viola

It has been confirmed that Ashton Kutcher has signed to play the tech icon Steve Jobs in the indie film Jobs. Now I have to start off by saying one thing I see wrong with this is that it’s going to be an indie film, which means it most likely will only be shown in a few theaters. Personally, I think that this film has the potential to be as great and successful as The Social Network.  Although Kutcher is known more for his comedic roles, like in That 70’s Show and movies like Dude Where’s My Car? and What Happens In Vegas; though he did take on a leading role in a intense drama The Butterfly Effect (2004). With that being said, I still think that he will be good in the film.

The film is to be directed by Joshua Michael Stern, the writer/director behind Neverwas and the writer of Amityville Dollhouse. The script is to be written by Matt Whiteley, with the film to begin with Job’s life as a hippie and go to how he became the Steve Jobs we all know–the creator of Apple. The film is to cover the life of  Jobs, although sources did not say when the film is set to stop as far as in what point in his life. If you remember back to 2002 when Universal produced the film 8 Mile, the film based on the rap artist Eminem, the film stopped right before he became who he is today. I am wondering if Jobs will show further into the career of Steve Jobs, or stop at the beginning of Apple’s introduction to the world.

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