News – Bully: The Fight For A Lower Rating

By Dominic La-Viola

The Weinstein brothers are still fighting to overturn the R rating that was received for their studio production of the documentary “Bully”. The Weinstein’s appealed to get the MPAA to change the rating of the film. The appeal didn’t go as they hoped, it failed to get the R rating lowered. Last week The Weinstein Co threatened to withdraw from the MPAA rating system to try and get around the R rating their documentary received due to language. Their main goal is to get “Bully” shown where it needs to be seen most, in schools where bullying takes place. They also want the film to have the opportunity to be seen by audiences everywhere to help fight this serious issue. The MPAA went on to say that there is a system in place and it must be followed. If they were to change the rating of the film due to a personal matter, they would no longer be a third party.

The Weinstein Co then took their fight to the National Association of Theatre Owners. They stated that without a rating from the MPAA that it would encourage their members to treat “Bully” like any other film not rated by the MPAA and list it as NC-17. Taking the fight to The National Association of Theatre Owners didn’t help Bully get a lower rating as it continues to hold an R rating for it’s language. Currently, the film is set to be in theaters March 23, 2012.

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