News – Casting on “Iron Man 3,” “Deadline” and More

By Dominic La-Viola

Mark Wahlberg is set to star in Deadline; although  Hugh Jackman was originally going to star in the film, but couldn’t due to his role in the spin off X-Men film.

Taylor Swift is in the works to make her big live-action debut as Joni Smith in the upcoming film Girls Like Us.

The casting news continues with Guy Pearce (Lockout), as he is in the final stages of signing to join Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3. Pearce would play the villain who makes a weapon that spreads a virus, and he would then try to sell it to terrorists. This gives fans an idea of what the film plot is going to be about, with earlier news released about how Iron Man 3 will be like the first part of Iron Man — where Tony Stark has to use his intelligence to save himself.

Jaden Smith is in the talks to play a teen assassin; the film adaptation is based off of a trilogy of books that haven’t been published as of yet, but has received a lot of buzz. The trilogy starts with the book  Boy Nobody, by Allen Zadoff.

Source- Entertainment Weekly

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