“News” – Coming Soon: “The Human Centipede 3”

By Dominic La-Viola

The final installment in the trilogy that has been described as one of the most disturbing film series of all time is coming. The Human Centipede 3 is now filming the third and final installment to a chilling film series. The second film got a lot of buzz when it was rumored to be banned by the BBFC, however sources say this rumor is not true and that the film wasn’t banned, it was only denied certification which is a little different.

Tom Six, the writer/director of the first two films is the writer/director of this final installment of the horror franchise. A cast has also released , The filmmaker behind the film (Tom Six) has a cameo in this chilling squeal. Also staring in this film along side him is Dieter Laser (the man who played the mad surgeon Dr Joesph Heiter) along with Laurence R. Harevy. With Tom Six writing and directing the final installment it can be expected that this film will be just as chilling and dark as the first two in the series.

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