News – Everybody Sings, Everybody Dies

Vincent D’Onofrio appeared on Morning Joe this week to talk about his movie directorial debut, “Don’t Go in the Woods.” The creation of this film follows a growing trend where movies with no major studio backing, get made with small budgets and tight schedules, and then are released via platforms like iTunes, Amazon and On Demand cable. D’Onofrio’s film was released at the end of December 2011, but has since been picked-up for distribution by Tribeca Films. Now, it probably didn’t hurt that the film had D’Onofrio’s name associated with it . . . something most small films won’t have. But all these filmmakers hope that their film will catch the eye of someone who can move them forward with marketing and promotional dollars. Early on, these films will depend on the internet version of “word-of-mouth.”

The other thing I need to mention about this film is its genre. D’Onofrio has combined horror and musical, in his film about a band that escapes to the woods for some songwriting inspiration and solitude. As the director said on Morning Joe, “Everybody sings, everybody dies.” You can check the films official trailer on YouTube or see the actual film, which opened this weekend in New York.

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