News – Gary Oldman to Join “Robocop” Remake

By Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie

Robocop is one of those movies that everything I hear about it makes it seem a little bit better. Well, it never hurts to add Gary Oldman.  Oldman has reportedly signed on to play Norton, one of the scientists that helped to save Alex Murphy from the dead, turning him in to the hero known as Robocop.  Apparently Norton will have trouble pleasing both Robocop and the Corporate suits at OCP.

This film will be helmed by director Jose Padilha. If you are familiar with Padilha’s Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, then you understand the broad scope of which he can direct and the talent this film is working with. This will be his first American film, as the others were based in Brazil. The script for Robocop is penned by James Vanderbilt, who also has written the screenplay for The Amazing Spider-Man, releasing this summer.  Playing Robocop himself is Joel Kinnaman, who you may remember from his small role going toe to toe with Ryan Reynolds in Safe House.  He also had one of the lead roles in AMC’s critically acclaimed Television show The Killing.

All systems are ready to go for Robocop. The film begins shooting in August and is scheduled for a summer release next year.  Although it would be easy to cast this movie as just another remake/reboot in a world full of unoriginal movies, this one looks like it is being given top-notch treatment.  Are you interested in seeing Robocop? Or is it just another remake that didn’t need to happen? Either way it’s hard to argue with the casting of Gary Oldman, who will also be reprising his role in a little movie called The Dark Knight Rises this summer.

Source: EmpireOnline   

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