News – “GI Joe: Retaliation” Pushed Back to 2013

By Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie

Paramount has announced that GI Joe: Retaliation has a new release date. Originally slated to come out in less than five weeks (on June 29, 2012), the film will not be released until March 29, 2013. Why after all the marketing they have done for the film would they randomly do this? The studio says it’s so that they can bring the movie from 2D to 3D with the words everyone loves to hear: post conversion. I know, I know. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Many were surprised to hear the film was going to be made in 2D originally because of director Jon Chu’s history as a 3D filmmaker.  What’s that history you ask?  Well, we have the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never documentary in 3D, as well as Step Up 3D.  Don’t forget he has done 2D movies before as well, such as Step Up 2 the Streets.

I don’t see the direct correlation between these movies and an action flick such as GI Joe: Retaliation, but Hollywood has their own way of doing things. Just like the fact that many fans have clearly made it known that post conversion is usually not worth the extra two or three dollars you have to spend on the 3D ticket.  Still, they move forward most recently even using James Cameron’s Titanic as their example–which was successfully post converted  into 3D. They say it can be done. Apparently it’s like comparing a James Cameron film with GI Joe. Yes, it can be done, but should it?

One must wonder if the lackluster performance of Battleship at the Box Office may have scared them off. Surprisingly, Battleship was not in 3D. Many people seem to think the change is because GI Joe: Retaliation is an awful movie and they want to make as much off the first week ticket sales as possible — before word gets out of the movie’s stink. So they dip it in 3D and make a few extra bucks per ticket. I like to hope this isn’t true and is merely because of the success from The Avengers coupled with the fact that The Dark Knight Rises comes out this summer as well. It’s not like GI Joe’s new date will be without competition either, however, as it is now scheduled for release the same week as Stephanie Myers’ The Host.  You know, the woman who wrote Twilight? Good luck with your new orders, GI Joe.


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