News – “I Am Legend 2”

By Anthony Hurtado

So apparently, Warner bros. are in the works of releasing a “I Am Legend” sequel. Also they included news that Will Smith is on board to star in it. Many would think how can they pull this off due to the ending of the first “I Am Legend”. Don’t worry no spoilers are included, just in case anyone hasn’t seen the film yet.

Many will question the thought of making this sequel with myself included. “I Am Legend” was a great film and very underrated in my opinion. Will Smith gave a very compelling and great performance. Just even the concept of the first film was a great idea. The last man on Earth living in New York with unlimited ammo, a dog, and the entire city to himself. However, the city is infested with zombies during the night time.

So due to the reason that I believe the first film was great, I question Warner bros. thoughts on making a sequel which could potentially ruin the so called franchise that is “I Am Legend”. Although there is a chance that a sequel could be good if taken care of and thought out in every aspect from the story to what director should be given the job. I personally believe they should bring back Francis Lawrence to direct the sequel if they decide to make one.

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