News – Nicolas Winding Refn to Produce “Maniac Cop” Prequel

By Mike Holtz (of WeWatchedAMovie)

Nicolas Winding Refn, the director of Bronson and Drive, and one of the most talked about directors of the past year, will be signing on to produce a prequel to the 1988 horror/action genre classic Maniac Cop.  Though they made clear the deal is not 100% signed off on, they seem quite confident it’s going to happen. It also hasn’t been reported who will be directing the film, which means there is a chance Refn may direct as well. Wow. Whether you were a fan of the indie hit Drive or not, you have to admit Refn has a style that is all his own, and this could be one wild film with him behind the camera.

If you have seen any of Refn’s previous films, you know he’s not the type to hold anything back. Which in my humble opinion bodes well for a film like Maniac Cop.  Also Producing will be the director of the original film, William Lustig, and the screenwriter of the original, Larry Cohen.   They haven’t said whether Bruce Campbell  or  any of the rest of original cast would return. However, it is said to still have the same comic book feel as the first films did, only this time with a bigger budget. Excited? You have to be at least interested, right?

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