News – “Raging Bull” Will Get a Sequel

By: Mike Holtz and J Jones of WeWatchedAMovie                       Sources:,

This just in folks, according to Raging Bull 2 is going to happen and is slated for filming sometime in June.  But wait J and Mike, who are they going to get to direct and star in this epic sequel about the colossal, larger than life Jake LaMotta?  Who could possibly take over for such heavy-weights as Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro?  Holding your breath yet…it’s William Forsythe and Martin Guigui.  As some of you may or may not know, (I’m guessing you don’t)  Martin Guigui is responsible for such great hits as (sarcasm is being used) National Lampoon’s Cattle Call , Beneath the Darkness, and (who could forget) My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception.  Yes, we’re serious, this man made these movies.

As for Forsythe, who will be taking over the role of LaMotta, well, he’s in…just about everything.  He’s starred in a mish-mash of various television films, movies, straight to DVD movies, and television shows.  He once even portrayed Robert De Niro’s Al Capone character in the made-for-television movie The Untouchables.  The excitement inside all of you is bubbling over, huh?  Yep, us too!!  Oh, we love sarcasm boys and girls.

Kidding aside, Forsythe isn’t a terrible choice to take on the role of LaMotta and definitely possesses the right look. To us, however, the news on the whole, especially the fact that Martin Guigui is going to be directing, just seems like a train wreck with direct  to DVD written all over it.  To be honest, some movies just need to be left alone and Hollywood needs to let  Jake  LaMotta retire in peace. But enough from us, what’s your take on the latest news?

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