News – Some “Anchorman 2” Plot Details Revealed

By Mike Holtz of WeWatchedAMovie

Great story. Compelling and rich.  Director Adam McKay recently gave EMPIRE some new details revolving around the Anchorman sequel — announced in true Ron Burgundy  fashion by Will Ferrell on the Conan O’Brien show a few weeks back.  Apparently, there will be another memorable gang fight, to which they already have a few ideas for. The last one had horses, a man on fire, and Brick killed a guy with a trident.  Also, everyone’s favorite news team will be dealing with some more changes in the work place. This will be including adjusting to a 24-hour news cycle and more diversity with the hiring of Latino and African American news anchors (news that apparently the team doesn’t handle well). If you remember how the crew responded ethically to the hiring of Miss Veronica Corningstone, you know this crew dealing with the racial issue is going to be hilarious.


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