News – Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Together Again

By Susan Shannon McCreadie

Somewhere in here there is surely a joke that starts, “Old action movie heroes never die . . .”, but we’re about to see a repairing of two classics: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s been confirmed that they will costar in Swedish film-maker Mikael Håfström’s new action film, The Tomb. In the film, Stallone portrays a structural engineer who designs a high-security prison. His character is framed and sentenced to spend time in his creation, with Schwarzenegger portraying a fellow inmate who helps him break out.

Now, with Stallone at 65 and Schwarzenegger at 64, one wonders if it’s time to leave the action films to the younger set. This point was only emphasized yesterday when Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself and Stallone, who happened to be having shoulder surgery on the same day. Let’s hope they hold together through production of this next film.

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