News – “The Woman in Black” Will Get a Sequel

By Dominic La-Viola

The Woman in Black is getting a sequel. But this comes to no surprise once you learn that this film has been the highest grossing British horror film in the past 20 years. The studio is teaming up with Susan Hill, who is the writer of the novels which the films are based off of. I think that a lot of the success of the film is due to Daniel Radcliffe, along with the fact that the film was rated PG-13, which generally brings in more money then R-Rated films. There is no word on a cast for the film at this time.

Sources say that the same production team is working on the sequel, but there is no word yet if director James Watkins is going to be returning for the sequel. However, Jane Goldman, the screenwriter of the first film, will not be returning to pen the sequel; Jon Crocker is working on adapting Hill’s novel, The Woman in Black: Angels of Death.

Sources- Total Film, IMDB

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