News – Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant Get Their Co-Directorial Debut

By Dominic La-Viola

The duo who are known for screenwriting are now getting the change to direct together, as they make their debut with Hell Baby. They were the creators behind films like The Night At The Museum and The Pacifier, which were box office hits. The company behind Hell Baby is Darko Entertainment, owned by Richard Kelly.

Hell Baby is  a horror-comedy about a couple who move into a new house and it turns out to be haunted. So, they then bring in experts to make sure their baby doesn’t turn out to be a demon. I for one think this will be a successful film due to the fact that there isn’t many horror-comedies and the ones that were made were successful. Take Army Of Darkness, the third installment to The Evil Dead trilogy, as the film is not only a cult classic, but also put writer/director Sam Raimi on the map. Along with the genre they are going into, I think the writers have potential to be good director too.

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