News – “Timecop Reboot Happening without Jean-Claude Van Damme”- by Mike Holtz


Timecop re-boot

“Universal Rebooting ‘Timecop’ without Jean-Claude Van Damme”

By: Mike Holtz

Universal looks to re-boot one of the most financially succesful movies of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s career…… without the actors help.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the title is a part of the Universal library and they plan on re-imagining the film behind Producers Mark Shmuger and Tom McNulty. Timecop made a total gross of $103 Million and even followed up with a DVD sequel and ABC Television series. The original film was released in 1994 and was based on a Dark Horse Comics story. It featured Van Damme as a cop who regulated time travel in the future that ends up investigating a crooked politician using time travel to further his career. The film was Directed by Peter Hyams (End of Days, Outland).

Universal is currently looking for writers to pen the re-boot and although no more details have been released about the film, they did state Jean-Claude Van Damme wouldn’t be there to do high splits on the counters of his kitchen wearing nothing but tighty whities this time around. This isn’t the first time a JCVD film has been slated for a remake that didn’t include him. Bloodsport had been rumoured for a re-imagining back in October of 2012 although it was said to have nothing to do with either the Kumite fighting tournament or Frank Dux and wouldn’t include Van Damme either (Yes, we are also wondering why they would even bother calling it Bloodsport). Are you interested in seeing the Timecop re-boot? Comment below!

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