News – Will Michael Bay Bring “Halloween” Back from the Dead?

By Mike and J of WeWatchedAMovie

For better or worse it appears like everyone’s favorite neighborhood serial killer, Michael Myers, will rise from the dead once again.

According to Bloody, Michael Bay’s Production Company Platinum Dunes  is in talks and will likely be purchasing the rights to the Halloween Franchise. Platinum Dunes is known for rebooting multiple horror franchises such as The Amityville Horror, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre — to mixed results.  Originally the Weinstein Company had planned to release Halloween 3D in the Fall of 2012, but due to a lack of interest and a rushed production schedule, Halloween 3D was shelved indefinitely. Until today’s news,  many wondered if another Halloween installment would ever be made.

The earlier reports indicated Halloween 3D would have a filming style including both found footage and 3D elements. Fans will be happy to know Platinum Dunes has no interest in releasing the film in 3D or with found footage. It also seems unlikely that the duo from My Bloody Valentine 3D, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, will still be helming the project as previously planned by the Weinstein Company.

It is unknown whether Platinum Dunes will do a re-boot/re-imagination or a continuation of Rob Zombie’s Halloween films. But it is hard to imagine anyone being able to pick up where  the radical and convoluted story line of Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 left the franchise. If history is any indicator, Platinum Dunes will once again start from scratch with a re-boot as previously done with the other horror franchises they have attempted to breathe new life into.

Based on Platinum Dunes’ past and the radical ideas the Weinstein Company had for the franchise, are you more or less excited about the new owners of the Halloween series?

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