“The One I Love” – Review by Clay Bloodworth

The One I Love, a Powerhouse of a Movie

The One I Love 

Review by Clay Bloodworth 

The One I Love is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of thing that lingers in your psyche for days and it’s something you’ll still be mulling over weeks after you’ve seen it. It’s a powerhouse of a movie: mind-bending, smart, original, and ultimately satisfying. But it’s definitely an odd experience and one that I can’t reveal too much about, though it’s completely genius in so many ways.

The film centers around a married couple played by Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss, who after going through many struggles in trying to rekindle their relationship, decide on taking a getaway trip to a secluded cottage recommended by their therapist. But after only one night, they discover some strange things happening, and that’s just about all I can say without spoiling things.

I guess you could say that it enters into the sci-fi realm, but at its core is a more personal story. From the first scene alone, Duplass and Moss show their outstanding chemistry that ends up carrying the film to its climactic ending. Not to mention the brilliant (and sometimes unsettling) music that interlaces perfectly with the tension.

And most of all, what I really admired about it, was how logical the writing was. Every time I tried to anticipate what the characters were going to do or how they’d react, I was wrong. They didn’t react to things in a typical movie manner, where they may do something stupid just to further the film’s plot. They acted as normal people, showing just how refreshing this movie really is.

It’s beautifully shot, acted with fantastic grace, and is easily one of my favorite films of the year so far. The One I Love is now playing in select theaters and is available On Demand.

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