Opinion – “Dear Politicians, Stay Out of Our Movies” – By Mike Holtz


Dear Politicians, for your Consideration: Mind your business and stay out of our movies

By: Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie

One day later? Really? One day after Zero Dark Thirty took home only one award (Sound Editing) from the Oscars? That’s when you “decide” your investigation is complete? You could at least pretend like you weren’t intentionally giving Bigelow and company the proverbial finger after your child-like foot stomping changed the Oscar race in the interest of your own self agenda.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about and think I’m just rambling like a crazy person (which is half-true either way) let me explain. Zero Dark Thirty is a film about the CIA and military investigating, finding and killing Osama Bin Laden Directed by Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal. Sounds like a good thing right? The story of an American achievement? Apparently not to a few self serving politicians and agenda fueled media that could care less about movies, or should care less about movies and rather focus on more important things in the world.
Instead of judging or celebrating Zero Dark Thirty appropriately, the film has been dragged through the mud constantly and used instead for political minded battles and constant moaning.

First, there were opponents of the Obama Administration who clearly hadn’t seen Zero Dark Thirty and assumed it spent its running time kissing Obama’s backside (since he was in office at the time Bin Laden was killed). Which the Zero Dark Thirty I saw does not do at all. (Those of us who actually watched the film probably noticed this) So the release date was allegedly pushed back past the election to avoid any more accusations of Partisanship.

Then the actual film is released. Scenes featuring members of our CIA torturing 9/11 perpetrators to get information about Osama’s whereabouts sparked more political complaining from each side and left the filmmakers caught in the crosshairs.

Now we have movie critics (remember movie critics) and political minded professional whiners and whistle blowers criticizing the movie because it apparently says that without the Bush Administrations “enhanced interrogation techniques” we would’ve never caught Bin Laden. Are you serious? Aside from the fact that the film is actually about how our amazing people’s tireless efforts found Bin Laden…..Will you pick a side people? Either the film supports Obama or Bush, Republican or Democrat? Make up your mind and decide who gets to complain. Because both sides crying is annoying and your pointless fight has spilled over into our backyard now. You know, the people who actually like films and don’t use them as a springboard to harp on whatever political opinion we might have?

This is a movie. A damn good movie that didn’t get its due because of constant bickering of two kinds of people:

1.) The self interested who have nothing to do with the film industry.
2.) People who are in the film industry but want to pretend they are in politics.

To both groups I say if you know so much about the world and its political issues why are you wasting time complaining about, reviewing, or even watching movies? Get to work. There are a lot more pressing issues at hand in the world right now than this. Leave the movies to the people who actually enjoy them.

You may notice I haven’t yet mentioned the U.S. Senate Committee’s investigation into Zero Dark Thirty. A few Senators with apparently nothing better to do right now start a so called “investigation” into the meetings between Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal and the CIA. They say they wanted to make sure no classified information was shared with the filmmakers. Again, can someone please explain this to me? On one hand you are mad because you say the movie depicts things that are un-true or un-flattering. Then on the other hand you say “How did you get all that classified information about what really happened?” So are they in trouble for lying or telling too much truth? Please explain it to me because I sure don’t get it.

At least I didn’t get it until today. Amid all the controversy over the investigation and finger pointing over Zero Dark Thirty, the film was snubbed by the Oscars in more ways than one. Kathryn Bigelow wasn’t even nominated for Best Director which is mind numbing alone and then the film lost in every category other than sound editing. It’s up to speculation how much of that is due to better movies winning or rather the constant issues surrounding Zero Dark Thirty forcing its awards downfall. That’s fine. It is what it is.

But the very next day the U.S. Senate Committee comes out and says their investigation into the making of Zero Dark Thirty has now ended with no further investigation necessary. Wow. Why not just make a press statement saying “Told you not to **** with us Bigelow!!” Of course now they say the investigation has been over for some time and they just decided to announce it now. Well why did you wait? Did you want to make sure the film you weren’t flattered by didn’t get its due?

Maybe I am missing something. How many films do we see on a daily basis that say “Based on or inspired by true events?” I never watched Zero Dark Thirty and assumed that everything happened that exact way. Maybe it’s a testament to the film that it seemed so real. But it’s a movie. Stop insulting the audience’s intelligence and let us make our own decision. If it infuriated you senators so much and you just had to do something about this piece of art to assure the audience (because we all know how honest you are) of its invalidity then why not just make a statement saying “It’s not true” and go back to more important issues?

Please let this be a one-time thing and leave the movies alone, the rest of the world needs your time and attention a lot more.

Oh, and while you are at it do us a favor and stay the hell out of sports too will you?

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