Opinion – “Should ‘Transformers 4’ Be Like ‘War for Cybertron?'” by Romero Movie News

By Jose Romero

So ever since the announcement of a fourth Transformers film from director Michael Bay, many have been wondering what the fourth film will be centered around. Seeing as Shia Lebouf made it perfectly clear that he would not be returning to reprise his roll since he felt there was no where else to take his character. So now fans and movie goers are left wondering were the franchise will go from here?

Well it is in this movie lover’s personal opinion if they want to put people’s butts in theater chairs a fourth time around they will have to take the human element out of the mix. Yes I know you’re probably thinking that’s a bad idea but in all honesty I feel it would be better. The movie is called TRANSFORMERS after all and not SHIA LEBOUF THE MOVIE starring transformers. If Michael Bay wants people to return for a fourth film in this franchise he needs to appeal to the eyes of the fans. Meaning to concentrate on the war on Cybertron, the autobot’s and decepticon’s home planet.

In the third film we caught a small glimpse of this war between the two robot factions and it was so awesome to see. Unfortunately it only lasted about 6 minutes and was perhaps the coolest thing to see in the film.  Now imagine a 2-3 hour film on that planet as we get to see the autobots interact with one another and get an origin story as to how the war came to be. Yes, for many who play the game know exactly where I think the fourth film should go. If Bay wants to make this movie work he has to go in the way of  “War for Cybertron,” the highly popular shooter game based of the franchise. For those who don’t know the premise of this game, it’s pretty damn basic. The autobots and decepticons are at war on their home planet of Cybertron and we get an origin story of how all the autobots from the film met and how they left their war-engulfed planet and headed for earth.

We also get cool stories as to how Optimus became the leader of the autobots, as well as how him and Bumble Bee met for the first time.  We even get another origin story of the decepticons and how they came to outnumber the autobots in the war for their planet and how Megatron turned evil. As you remember in the film, Optimus and Megatron weren’t always enemies since they used to live in peace and harmony on Cybertron before their tragic civil war that left their planet a baron wasteland.

All around, if Bay wants to bring people in to cinemas he should go in this direction for the fourth film. Cut the human element out and do an origin story on how the war of Cybertron began — just like the video game “War for Cybertron.” I mean, the cinematic trailer for the sequel to this game, “Fall of Cybertron,” is amazing, as it invokes more emotion from it’s 3-minute run time and depicts the final days of Cybertron as the autobots find themselves outnumbered by the decpticons . I have to say that the 3-minute trailer perhaps had more emotion in it than all 3 Transformers films combined. If Bay wants to make it right a fourth time around he should go in the direction of “War for Cybertron”

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