“Portal to Hell” Starring Roddy Piper to Premiere at TIFF 2015


The short horror film will make its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The following was released by Raven Banner Entertainment:


Directed by Vivieno Caldinelli

Written by Matt Watts

Starring Roddy Piper, Matt Watts, Laura Robinson

Saturday, Sept 12 @ 10:00pm @ Scotiabank Theatre


Public Screenings:

Sunday, Sept 13 @ 2:45pm @ Scotiabank Theatre

Friday, Sept 18 @ 6:00pm @ Scotiabank Theatre

*presented as part of the Short Cuts Programme 4

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kRd96M7lk8

Info/Tickets: http://bit.ly/1UiaEkh

 Roddy Piper must close the Portal to Hell!!! at the Toronto International Film Festival!

The late pro-wrestler turned film-star debuts one of his final performances in the world premiere of this Canadian horror-comedy short directed by the legendarily hilarious Vivieno Caldinelli (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Picnicface). The premiere will take place at the Scotiabank Theatre on Saturday, September 12th at 10pm as part of TIFF’s Short Cuts Programme 4.

Portal to Hell!!! was first conceived in 2000 by writer Matt Watts (The Newsroom; Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays) while in the shower thinking, “What if Overboard were directed by John Carpenter?” After hearing the idea, Caldinelli teamed up with Watts and came up with the idea of doing the project as a short film. The film follows superintendent Jack, played by the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who already has enough on his plate even before he discovers a multidimensional gateway to Hell in the basement of his apartment building.


Caldinelli and Watts approached executive producers Todd Brown (The Raid) and Andrew Rosen (Todd & The Book of Pure Evil) to pull off such an audacious short film. With an eye to launching a feature film property, the team got a huge boost when Raven Banner Entertainment signed onto the project to handle Canadian and International sales. The production crew includes some of Canada’s top industry professionals including director of photography D. Gregor Hagey and practical effects superstar Steve Kostanski who put his skills to work creating Cthulhu, the film’s monster/god antagonist. To score the film, Caldinelli spent hours listening to music before discovering and enlisting the talents of Detroit-based synth/rock group Voyag3r.

Following a successful Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign with almost 300 supporters, production for the film commenced in January 2015, but with heavy visual effects the film was not completed until now – just days before its TIFF premiere! Filming took place over four days at the Delta Upsilon Fraternity – one of the producer’s Alma Mater. Produced through the Harold Greenberg Shorts to Feature Program, the team is now in the works to develop this into a feature film.

“Yes, it’s about an ex-wrestler playing a superintendent, finding a portal to another world in the basement, “says director Vivieno Caldinelli,” but what’s underneath it all is so much more. It’s taken 15 years to make; please enjoy our passion project, Portal to Hell!!!


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