“Premature” – Review By Zachary Marsh

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Well, the trailer and poster for this film say what need to be said about this little indie flick.  “Premature” basically takes the time-loop premise used in “Groundhog Day” and most recently “Edge of Tomorrow,” and combines the raunchiness of “Superbad” and “American Pie” with it to tell the story of a boy who relives the same day over and over when he, well, prematurely “releases” from his nether-region.  Kids, if you’re reading this, please don’t ask your parents what being a “premature” teenager is, because then you might get in trouble, I might get in trouble, this will all be a sticky situation. (No pun intended)  For a movie that has a concept as far-fetched as this, I have to say that director Dan Beers and his screenwriting partner Mathew Harawitz have made a raunchy, super hard-R comedy that is just as funny as it is charming and smart.

John Karna is a very likable lead as Rob, and he manages to be the type of character that any teenage boy can put themselves in to.  Katie Findlay plays his best friend, and she is also very likable while at the same time plays a real teenage girl friend that a guy in high school would have.  Then we have Craig Roberts from “Submarine” here as Rob’s best friend, and most of the raunchy jokes spew from his mouth.  And then there’s Alan Tudyk and Carlson Young among the many supporting characters present here, and both are very funny here as well.  Nobody in this film is even bad here, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves overall.

Even though the sexual humor is through the roof and super awkward to watch with a parent, which is why I suggest all to watch this either by themselves or with friends, the film manages to have a solid heart to it.  The characters are not only charming, but super relatable, as one could easily put themselves in the shoes of the film’s protagonist Rob.  The humor surprisingly works really well, and the movie made me laugh out loud several times, making me even question my maturity in terms of humor.  Overall, I really enjoyed “Premature” a lot more than I thought I was going to.  It might be predictable and clichéd, but everyone seemed to be having a good time making this movie, and I had an even better time watching it.

As a teen going into his senior year of high school, getting ready for college and trying to manage friends and schoolwork as well as potential relationships, this movie really struck a chord with me.  Dan Beers shows much potential as a director and screenwriter, as he successfully shows that he understands the mindset of teenagers and the angst they go through with puberty and going into adulthood.  Mathew Harawitz also shows much potential as a screenwriter as well, and I credit both men for making a teen comedy that is as raunchy as the “American Pie” series and also as sweet and relatable as something like “Sixteen Candles.”  There’s a reason why this film was deemed the surprise hit of SXSW, and I honestly cannot wait to check this film out again when the opportunity presents itself.  And hopefully, this becomes one of those movies that teens share with their friends and watch on repeat over the next few years.


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