News – Renner Gets Re-Bourne

By Susan Shannon McCreadie

Continuing in the box-office-success footprints of the Bourne trilogy starring Matt Damon, this time Jeremy Renner will be trying on the role of super spy. Renner won’t be playing the role of Jason Bourne, but of another CIA-entangled spy, Aaron Cross. This film is not intended as a sequel or prequel to the first three Bourne movies, but as its own story connected by some of the same characters. Actors returning to their roles for this film include Joan Allen and Albert Finney. They will be joined veteran actors Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton, among others. “Bourne Legacy” will be written and directed by Tony Gilroy. He is also the man who penned the scripts for the first three films.

This week the studio released the first images from the film, which tell us little about the movie itself, or its storyline. Shooting has been ongoing in the Philippines. Currently, the film is scheduled for release in August of 2012.

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