Review: Legion Season 2, “Chapter 11”

Ah, finally, a far more cohesive episode of Legion than the first two. Rather than jumping around all over the place, the action sticks mostly to David continuing his quest to find Farouk’s bod, while the source of the teeth-chattering plague is revealed.

Here’s what happened in “Chapter 11”:


– It starts off with the theme of the episode: Contagion. About how stress can manifest into a physical ailment or a “tick” and that that “tick” can become contagious. The voice-over says, “If the idea of illness becomes illness, what else about our reality is actually a disorder?” I’m guessing this has to do with the catatonic chattering teeth disease people seem to be infected with.

– Then we see the seeming defeat of Farouk and separating his soul from his body after a psychic duel with David’s father. And how the Mi-Go monks secretly buried the body in an egg-shaped coffin in a hole in their monastery. The monks soon hear Farouk knocking against his prison under the ground. Then that weird slimy chicken demon thing crawls into Ptonomy’s ear. Again, I’m now guessing that’s how people are infected.

– A little lighthearted moment is thrown in. Kerry is having a hard time adjusting to being outside Cary’s body. She hasn’t had to eat or do anything like go to the bathroom because he did it all for him. She hates it, but she has to do because they can’t rejoin and she has to be independent.

– Then Syd is walking around as a cat and notices commotion near the chamber holding the “sick” people. A bloody handprint is found on the inside of the glass. Clark and Melanie go in to investigate, and the monk from the last episode — the one who knows were Farouk’s body is — has escaped.

– David decides to goes to the Astral Plane to get some answers from Farouk. He meets up with Lenny, who is jonesing really bad. She wants to get out, she feels like a pet, trapped. She asks him to talk to Farouk – or put her out of her misery. But where is Oliver?

– Farouk has created a rather pleasant Mediterranean feel to their meeting. David knows of Farouk’s villainous behavior but Farouk says it wasn’t his doing. He was a just and wise king until “your father” came in and thought he knew better. He also tells David that in helping Farouk find his body, future Syd will no longer exist. Here’s the kicker, though. Farouk says it is not him who is infecting everyone with the “madness.” It’s the monk. He’s the plague. David comes back to D3 and realizes this is indeed the case. Everyone is gone.

– Cary is still okay, though and tells David the monk is leading the immune children soldiers with a song, like Pied Piper. They find Ptonomy and he’s infected. David and Cary go inside his brain and find themselves in a garden maze. Ptonomy tending to his flowers and can only say “hello.” Turns out, the infection locks people inside their own mazes and realities. But David is able to wake them up, so long as they can figure out their puzzles.

– Oh, and they keep running into a cow. The great thing about this whole show is just the random shit they can just throw in, with no explanations needed because they can.

– The trio finds Melanie, and take her to the lab. In her brain, it just blackness – and then a keyboard appears. A big screen lights up and David has to type in responses to questions. Her brain is omnipotent, like a video game. Strange things like a Minotaur in a doggie wheelchair shows up. “Guys I don’t have time for this,” says David and finally just starts typing a story about a boy and girl in a dream, learning to be carefree. It works, she appears and wakes up. Oh, and the cow is there, too, in the lab. Cary tells it not to touch anything.

– David is captured by the children soldiers and the monk shows David what happened in the monastery. The steady, consistent pounding of Farouk’s body beneath the floor. Apparently, it’s driving some of the monks crazy, quite literally. To the point of killing themselves, or to escape into their own heads to block out the noise. The sickness.

– Cary finds Kerry infected and tries to join her but then he sort fades away in front of her. Not sure what happened there. Melanie and Ptonomy enter Fukuyama’s chamber and speaking through Fukuyama’s Vermillions, the monk, who is on the ceiling, demands a weapon to destroy the body of the Shadow King. When Fukuyama claims no such weapon was ever created, Melanie realizes David is the weapon. He can kill Farouk (and this is something Future Syd he would do).

– But David manages to get the monk to the roof of the D3 building to explain why he is helping Farouk find his body. Future Syd tells him it is to stop the end of the world, but the monk says Farouk will bring about the end of the world. So guess we’ll have to see who’s right just as the monk jumps to his death before he can give any more information.

– Future Syd has been sending David a message, spelling out the word “Hurry,” and then David sees present-day Syd. She’s infected. He goes into her mind – and into a white-out blizzard.

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