Review: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is Funniest Film of the Summer.

Review: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is Funniest Film of the Summer

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is based on an animated series of which I have never seen a single episode. I went into the screening of this film with no expectations because not only have I never seen the show but I never even watched the trailer for the film. I went into this movie completely blind and had no idea what it was even about besides animated DC superheroes.

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy make up the Teen Titans. These five friends are superheroes but aren’t viewed or treated as such by the public.  After an embarrassing encounter with a villain known as the Balloon Man, the Titans attempt to figure out why they aren’t being taken seriously. Robin comes to the conclusion that reason, why they lack credibility, is because they don’t have an arch-nemesis or a movie. This is when Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans begin to seek out an arch-nemesis which will hopefully lead to their big screen debut.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies was a total surprise and an absolute blast to watch from beginning to end. The script is so incredibly self-aware and knows precisely what it is. It is almost as though the folks at Warner Brothers made the film just so they could make fun of all of the sequels, clichés, and shortcomings within the superhero film world. The humor is relentless, and in a lot of ways, the entire film feels as if it is a parody of the superhero movie genre as a whole.

Writers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath were clearly not afraid of pushing the envelope with their script. Not only do they make fun of the World of DC but they also poke fun at Marvel including various films that aren’t even part of the MCU like Deadpool. There are so many hilarious moments sprinkled throughout this film that I think it is nearly impossible to catch all of them with just a single viewing. The film is fast-paced and doesn’t overstay its welcome thanks to the brisk 88-minute runtime which includes the mid-credit and post-credit scene.

There are a lot of great moments and jokes pretty much non-stop throughout the entire film. The opening credits sequence pokes fun at Marvel Studios. There is a trailer shown in the film that makes fun of movie trailers as well as the plethora of superhero sequels. Hell, there is even a scene where the writers mock the “Martha” scene from Batman V. Superman. The writers didn’t hold back at all and even managed to pay homage to some classic films including Back to the Future.

Aside from the great humor and sharp dialogue, the film itself is so full of energy. It almost feels like the voice cast, screenwriters, animators, and the directors were on a sugar-high or speed when they were making this film. The entire 88 minutes is high energy and in your face. I can understand why so many adults and children like the show after seeing this movie. I can also understand why some people may not like this movie because it might be a bit too overwhelming for some. You need to be able to sit back and embrace the film for what it is.

In terms of the voice cast, I thought every actor brought their A-game. As I said earlier, I don’t know what these actors are like when voicing these characters on the television show, but in this movie, I felt their energy and excitement. Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), Scott Menville (Robin), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Tara Strong (Raven), and Hynden Walch (Starfire) bring their characters to life with such passion and gusto. You can tell they are enjoying their work and are having a lot of fun while voicing these self-aware superheroes.

The film does feature a few cameos which most were already spoiled before the film’s opening such as Kristen Bell voicing Jade Wilson. As you may have heard, DC fans will finally get to see Nicolas Cage play Superman, even if he is just an animated character. Cage sounds great as the Man of Steel and I, like many others, would have loved to see that Tim Burton Superman movie. The other big cameo has not yet been ruined, so I don’t want to spoil it. All I will say is that the cameo is from an absolute legend in the comic book world. This person randomly shows up in the film for what is easily the film’s funniest scene.

I would also be doing the film a huge disservice if I didn’t point out how fantastic the soundtrack is. Again, as someone who loves musicals and gets excited whenever there is a random musical number in a movie or on a television show, I  couldn’t help but fall in love with all of the songs in this film. Seeing these characters randomly burst into song with lyrics that were pretty much tongue-in-cheek put a smile on my face every single time one would start. I love that filmmakers and screenwriters are embracing musical numbers again.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is wildly entertaining and non-stop fun from beginning to end. It is currently my favorite animated film of the year and will make both adults and children laugh until their sides hurt. I can’t think of another family film this summer that I enjoyed as much as this one. If you consider yourself a fan of comic book films or just animation in general, I highly recommend seeing Teen Titans Go! to the Movies as soon as you can. Bring on the sequel.

Scott ‘Movie Man’ Menzel’s rating for Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is a 9 out of 10. 

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