San Diego Comic Con 2015 Preview Night/ Day 1

Well, 2015 saw the return of the Hall H wristbands, however it was done a little differently. Folks starting lining up for wristbands early on Wednesday night. Yours truly was in line by 7:00 PM, and did not receive a wristband until 1 AM. The process began at 10 PM and continued slowly and painfully into the early hours of the night. The highlight of the night was a visit from the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who pleased fans who had been waiting for hours and hours for the chance to see him the following day. For the wristbands to be “valid”, everyone who waited outside for hours, needed to be back in line by 7:30 AM or wait in line overnight.

Here we are back in line at 7:30 AM and sitting here waiting to be let into Hall H for a 10:30 AM panel. It is absolute insanity, but at least everyone is really nice to one another and you can make lots of friends.

Up for today’s panels of Hall H are:

10:30am • Open Road
 12:00pm • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
 1:30pm • Trailer Park
 2:15pm • Doctor Who: BBC America’s Official Panel
 3:45pm • Con Man: The Fan Revolt 13 Years in the Making
 6:00pm • World Premiere of Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery!


Keep checking back for updates after the panels have begun!

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