San Diego Comic Con 2016: Day 4, Hall H: WB Panels

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San Diego Comic Con 2016: Day 4, Hall H: WB Panels

One of the biggest days at Comic Con is Saturday in Hall H. The day kicks off with the WB Panel, where fans are eagerly awaiting the special footage, panels and trailers that are likely to grace the screens. There is a palpable excitement in the air. This is the fullest that Hall H has been the entire festival thus far. Conan O’Brien moderated the first panel. Warner Bros. rocked Hall H with another immersive 180-degree videos with clips of Suicide Squad, Justice League, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash and Aquaman. Following this clip, there was a great conversation with the directors of the upcoming films; including Ben Affleck, James Wan, Patty Jenkins, Rick Famuyiwa, Zach Snyder, (Justice League director) as they discuss what it is like to direct the films. Rick says that he is excited with bringing The Flash to the screen. “DC is the foundation of what we all know about comic books and heroes.”

James Wan on the change of his film making to a non-horror film, “its funny, I’ve brought a lot of movies to Comic Con and I’ve never been to Hall H, so I’m super excited. I’m more than honored to be up here on stage with all these amazing film makers.” Regarding his new Aquaman film, he says he loves the fact that he has never been portrayed in a feature role and the opportunity to explore the universe and bring some of my horror element into it.”

Next, we’ve got some great clips from the upcoming Wonder Woman film.. The panel included Patty Jenkins, the director. She introduced the cast of the Wonder Woman, including Gal Gadot, Connie Nielson, and Chris Pine. Patty introduced the world premiere of the first trailer. It is definitely the type of superhero film that we need; featuring a strong female character

Patty says that Wonder Woman is really important now because “the way news has been going. The world needs love and forgiveness in such a huge way.” She also reveals that the invisible jet is not in this film. Wonder Woman will be released June 2nd 2017.

Zach Snyder is welcomed to the stage with a tease of a surprise. He brings the actors to the stage including, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Andrew Taylor, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill. We got another new clip.

The action continued with an introduction for Suicide Squad. David Ayer came out next to introduce the cast.

On the looks of Suicide Squad, David Ayer reveals “I wanted to make a film that looked like a comic book.” The film will be set post Batman V Superman in the timeline. When asked if their kids and nieces and nephews are excited for their roles, Will Smith said, “no matter how cool you think you are, your kids think you suck .This is the first time I’m cool for real.”

Jared Leto set the bar extremely high and really put the cast in their element when he sent Margot and Will a live rat signed from the Joker.

David Ayers brought a little something that we brought for us with an awesome clip. Following that, they brought out a group of cosplayers to meet the people who play their characters.

The enthusiasm died down slightly with the introduction of the Lego Batman Panel which featured Chris McKay and Will Arnett,

They premiere the first trailer for The Lego Batman and featured the interaction between Robin and Batman, which is hilarious. I think that will certainly be the highlight of the film.

The crowd got a bit louder for The Kong Skull Island panel is introduced by the digital mapping of the film with various scenes. Jordan Vog Roberts, the director takes the stage sporting an epic beard. John Goodman, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, Brie Larson, and Tom Hiddleston. The first footage that has even been seen of Kong Skull Island is shown with some amazing imagery.

Jordan said he feels that “part of our responsibility to show them a new story within that mythology.” So we can expect a new story from the old beauty and the beast story. He also notes that the majority of what we see, apart from Kong, is real.

King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword is introduced first with the star, Charlie Hannum. Guy Ritchie is the director but unfortunately could not be here, so Charlie introduced it. The trailer looks interesting, but didn’t really pull me in.

When Charlie was asked about taking on an iconic role he said, “I tried not to think about it. You can psych yourself out taking on the perceived significance of the role.”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was greeted with a roar. Director David Yates opened the panel, thanking everyone. He introduces Eddie Redmayne who is incredibly adorable trying to light the audience with a lumos charm. He walked into the audience asking for wands. He is in the crowd at Hall H. There are wands being handed out to everyone in the audience. They’re handing every single person a wand and everyone is going crazy for it. The entire crowd raises their wands to perform a lumos maxima charm, which echoed through the Hall and sent light across the screens. David introduces the rest of the cast of the film including Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Dan Fogler, Colin Farrell, and Ezra Miller.

Dan Fogler, on his role in the film, says “I’m a magic person in real life. I was thinking in today’s day and age that would be cool.” He is the only non magical person that is in the panel. They also revealed that everything in the costumes were handmade and special for the film. She even made period underwear. The trailer played next to much excitement and ended with “I want to be a wizard,” echoing the sentiment of many in the Hall.

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