San Diego Comic Con: Day 2, Hall H

San Diego Comic Con: Day 2, Hall H

San Diego Comic Con

We are updating live from Hall H at San Diego Comic Con 2016.

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San Diego Comic Con


Kicking off the Hall H panels, is Dreamworks Animation, featuring Trolls. An excited crowd greeted, Chris Hardwick as moderator. directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn introduce the films. They have looked forward to sharing the footage with Comic Con’s audience since they began working. 15 to 20 minutes of the film was shown to the audience. The directors had previously worked on Shrek. During creating the film, they did a lot of research on what happiness is and how to translate that to the film. At the mention of Justin Timberlake, a roar took over the Hall, mostly women.

The film has a 70s feel to it with a great deal of fun music. The clip they showed had some really great music and comedy to it. While I was not looking forward to it, but this clip definitely got me really interested. The design of the film is visually intriguing. It looks like everything is made with felt and fabric.

The panel included Justin Timberlake who plays Branch, directors Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell, Anna Kendrick, who plays Poppy and Gina Shay. Justin Timberlake helped craft the music of the film and rework some great classics from Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago and more. Anna Kendrick’s character Poppy, is extremely happy and almost to a certain level of crazy. The directors thought it was an important time to make a happy film, since the times are so depressing. Walt Dohrn discovered that it takes 7 seconds for a hug to work.

A second clip presented featured the whole Troll community and Justin Timberlake singing with Anna Kendrick. I think that Trolls may end up surprising us!

Boss Baby

A surprise panel for Boss Baby was announced. Tom McGrath, Ramsey Naito and Alec Baldwin were present for the panel. This is the first time that Alec Baldwin has attended Comic Con. There was a presentation of the first footage of the film. The film features a baby in a suit, voiced by Alec Baldwin.

San Diego Comic Con


Probably my most anticipated panel of the day, we were so lucky to have Oliver Stone, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Shailene Woodley,  and Zachary Quinto there to discuss the film, surveillance of private citizens and more. The entire panel kicked off with a brand new trailer for the film. It is sure to give you chills and evoke so much of an emotional response. The film looks incredible, and one that will likely change a generation. The panel was without a doubt the most intriguing and fascinating panel I have seen at Comic Con. So many questions were brought up and really make you question the actions of our government officials and the idea of freedom and democracy.

San Diego Comic Con

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Luc Besson, famed filmmaker for his Fifth Element discusses his love of comics, especially Valerian. He was also presented with the Ink Pot Award. He then tells the audience that once they have seen the footage, and they decide he still deserves it, he will take it. He then introduces the producer and his wife, Virginie Besson- Silla. She explains the different places in the story of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. We got to see some beautiful designs of the planets, particularly Alpha. The colors are magnificent and look really beautifully detailed. They also revealed pictures of the aliens and their designs. Next, we were presented with the art designs of the ships as well as some environments. Overall, it looks like they really put some love and care into the design. Luc has a wonderful sense of humor and showed pictures from his vacation. He brought some temp special effects so that we can get a small and exclusive look at the film.

After viewing some scenes, I can safely say the film looks AMAZING! In a few short scenes, Besson managed to get our hearts pumping and goosebumps all over. The film stars Cara Delevingne as Laureline, and Dane DeHaan as Valerian.

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