SDCC 2014: Tarantino Confirms “The Hateful Eight” as next Film

by Justin Cook

There have been few scripts in the history of Hollywood that have been the center of more controversy than The Hateful Eight script written by Quentin Tarantino. For those of you who don’t know, The Hateful Eight was originally going to be Tarantino’s next movie, but after sending the script out to many actors he wanted to be involved with the project, many pages of the script were leaked. The site Gawker posted these pages, which made Tarantino furious. So furious that he not only decided to cancel the film but also sue Gawker for the leak, although the lawsuit was eventually withdrawn.

Tarantino still made no promises that the film would ever get made, even after he held a table read of the script with actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, and Michael Madsen. After the read, however, he promised to write several more drafts of the script.

But today, coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, is the news that The Hateful Eight will indeed be Tarantino’s next film. The film will be set in post-Civil War times and as of now sounds a bit like previous Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs in the sense that the majority of the film will take place in only one location.

I personally am extremely glad to hear this news, as everything I’ve heard about The Hateful Eight script sounds darkly funny, violent, and unique like so many other Tarantino films. As of now there is no official release date but the film is expected to come out in December 2015.

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