SDCC 2015 – Preview Night Recap

SDCC 2015

For the past six years, I have been attending San Diego Comic Con and each and every year it has only gotten crazier. As I walked into the Convention Center at 6pm, it was pure chaos. The lines for all the swag were already capped and the floor was nothing but wall to wall people. I always use Preview Night as the night where I walk the floor since it is supposedly the least crowded night of the Con. The trick is to walk the floor at 8pm to 9pm when everyone is getting in line for Hall H. However, this trick only works if you want to look around and shop for a bit because all the free swag has already been handed out.

As for other things going on, I know there was a screening of Supergirl last night (which rumor has it leaked online almost a month ago) as well as BlindspotContainment, Lucifer, and Teen Titans Go! Outside of Supergirl, I wasn’t that interested in any of these shows to spend 3 hours watching them in an uncomfortable ballroom.

As for the infamous Hall H line, my wife and I got into the line at about 7pm and it was already across the street by the Hilton Bayfront. According to the official Comic Con site, Hall H wristbands were suppose to be handed out starting at 10pm. The harsh reality is that I didn’t get my wristband until 12:35am. I don’t even want to know how long it took to get to the very back of the line. I understand that 2hrs and 35 minutes isn’t too bad considering the size of the Con, but if organized properly it should have taken no more than an hour.

All in all, Preview Night is still the least crazy night and if you are curious about checking out the convention center, I still recommend coming on Preview Night. If you want to experience some of the Comic Con crazy than also stay for Thursday. I think Friday and Saturday are without a doubt the most hectic and frustrating days. You can literally spend an entire day in line on Friday and not get into Hall H. Trust me, those who do it still amaze me till this day. I know there are several things people have done to get in from being social to personal favors but trust me so many people find a way to get into Hall H, the truth is you just have to be crafty!

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