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The Movie They Don’t Want You to See is the Movie No One Should Pay To See.

Sex Tape follows Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) have spent the last few years of their lives having amazing sex. Now that they have settled down and have begun to start a family, their sex life has become nonexistent. After a night of heavy drinking, Annie and Jay decide to make a 3 hour long sex tape as a way to spice things up. All goes according to plan until Jay forgets to delete the sex tape the following morning. It isn’t long before the couple learns that their sexual escapade video has been synced to several iPads given to friends and family as gifts. It is now up to Annie and Jay to track down all the iPads and delete the video before it goes public.

I attended the World Premiere of Sex Tape and even though the marketing didn’t do much to wow me, I was excited to see the film at the premiere with the cast in attendance. After sitting through this 90 minute mess, I can say that while it failed to make me laugh, I didn’t despise it as much as I thought I would after seeing the initial trailers and television spots. This is by no means a recommendation. In fact, even though I didn’t hate it, I can’t recommend this film at all unless you can somehow see it for free.

To be blunt, Sex Tape is same generic R-rated comedy that we see far too often nowadays. The plot is absolutely absurd, the jokes fall to produce laughs, and the performances are less than average. All the jokes in Sex Tape feel like they have been recycled from other films or are aimed at those who haven’t seen a sex comedy in the past 10 or so years. The biggest laugh (and the only one I found remotely funny) comes from Rob Lowe and Cameron Diaz doing blow. I can’t believe this was the highlight but it goes to show you how mundane the film actually is.

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Everything about this film feels dated and is something that should have been made 10 years ago when R-rated comedies were at their peak and the idea of having a sex tape was actually shocking. I think Segel, Nicholas Stoller, and Kate Angelo’s script is an absolute mess and how the story somehow managed to incorporate a villian was beyond stupid to the point where I was like “you have to be fucking kidding me?”

I personally think that Cameron Diaz at this stage in her career is more worried about showing off her body rather than actually giving a decent performance. After seeing her in The Other Woman a few months back and now seeing her in this film, I am convinced that she is becoming the next Adam Sandler. The only difference between Diaz and Sandler is that she has a vagina and boobs.

As far as Segel goes, he is ok but does nothing other than act goofy throughout the film’s 90 minute runtime. As Jay, he plays the standard lovable loser character that we would normally see Ben Stiller play. Diaz and Segel as well as the film’s script gives the audience no reason to care about their relationship and what they are going through. When the film tries to showcase a more serious moment in Annie and Jay’s relationship, it fails to engage the audience because the story fails to tell us anything about these characters other than the fact that they used to have amazing sex daily and every where that they could. I am not expecting a lot of story or substance, but give me something to connect with other than wild sex because last time I checked this isn’t a porn.

1138130 - Sex Tape

Rob LoweRob Corddryand Ellie Kemper serve as the film’s supporting cast members. These actors are the highlight of the film but still don’t do much to help with how flawed and stupid the film is. You should also know that there is a cameo near the end of the film. This cameo might get certain audience members to laugh but with how overused cameos are becoming with comedies today it didn’t make me laugh although I will admit it did make me crack a smile.

All in all, Sex Tape is a just another low-brow sex comedy that we have seen several times before. The trailer gives away almost all of the jokes and the film itself lacks everything that a good comedy should have from decent performances to actual laughs. Sex Tape serves more as a big long commercial for Apple rather than an actual coherent film. There are so many moments throughout the film that you almost wonder if Apple funded the project as a way to sell iPads while poking fun at themselves. If Rob Lowe wasn’t in Sex Tape, I think this film would have been easily one of the worst films of the year, but thanks to his over the top extended cameo and some witty banter from the supporting cast, it gave me something (although small) positive to say.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for Sex Tape is a 4 out of 10.

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