“Spider-Man” Actor Shortlist Revealed


by Justin Cook

A shortlist of actors who are currently being considered to play the role of Spider-Man in Marvel and Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot film has been revealed.

The five young actors on the list include Nat Wolff, Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Timothée Chalamet and Liam James.

According to the report from The Wrap, Sony has not sent out test offers to any of these actors yet, but they are expected to next week. All of the actors listed are simply “strong contenders” for the role.

The site also says that a new Spider-Man may be cast as soon as 2-3 weeks from now, although it will take much longer for an official casting announcement from the studio due to negotiations.

Spider-Man was expected to make a cameo in Captain America: Civil War, which begins filming very soon, so the character won’t be needed on set for the film until June.

Sony has put together a list of five very talented actors, who have made the most out of their short careers so far.

Wolff has been acting in TV shows and movies since he was 10 years old. He got his first big break when he starred in the Nickelodeon original movie The Naked Brothers Band, which later turned into a TV show.

Recently, he earned positive reviews for his performances in Palo Alto and The Fault in Our Stars. This summer he will be starring in Paper Towns.

Butterfield is no stranger to big-budget films, as he starred in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and Gavin Hood’s Ender’s Game over the past couple of years. His film Ten Thousand Saints opened at Sundance this year, which he starred in with Ethan Hawke.

Holland may have the least amount of acting experience out of the bunch, but he did give a very powerful performance in 2012’s The Impossible, and is set to play a role in Ron Howard’s upcoming In the Heart of the Sea.

James played the lead role in 2013’s The Way Way Back, in which he acted alongside some of the best actors working in Hollywood today including Steve Carell, Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell.

Lastly, Chalamet has appeared in such movies and TV shows as Royal Pains, Homeland, Interstellar and Men, Women & Children.

Sony’s untitled Spider-Man movie will be coming to theaters on July 28, 2017.

Source: The Wrap


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