“Spork” – Review by MovieManMenzel

“Spork” is a random, funny, and ultimately unique movie experience.

I wish I could tell you what inspired me to see a film called “Spork” but for some reason just hearing the title and seeing the picture with a girl holding a spork sold the movie to me. I wish I had a better answer because it wasn’t until I got to the theater that I actually read the plot outline. Anyway, I went to see the film at it’s World Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and what I witnessed was a very unique experience. Below is what I thought…

“Spork” tells the story of a young hermaphrodite named Spork (Savannah Stehlin) who has a problem fitting in at school. One day after constantly being bullied by Betsy Byotch played by Rachel G. Fox (and no I am not kidding that’s her name), Spork gets tired of being picked on and decides to stand up for herself. It’s only a matter of time before Spork decides to enroll in the dance show, not only to show off to the Byotch gang but to better herself in the process. With the help of her trailer-park best friend Tootsie Roll (Sydney Park), Spork learns some of most outrageous dance moves ever and learns that standing out from the crowd is so much better than fitting in. An extremely unique if not bizarre movie ensues…

When the film first started about 10 minutes in I began asking myself what the hell am I watching here? But unlike most, I like to give films the benefit of the doubt and decided to stay in my seat instead of leave the theater like the entire row of people in front of me. After about 20 minutes into the film, I figured out that I am watching a one of a kind original film. This was something that mixed John Waters with Tim Burton and yes I do realize how odd of a pairing that is. But seriously this was just an odd ball comedy that dared to be different.

Everything from the story line, to the characters (the names alone are hilarious), to the end result of this film was different and for that I give this movie a lot of credit. This was a movie so out there that I guarantee it will have a love and hate relationship with the people who see it. Some people won’t be able to handle it’s quirkiness and it’s out of the ordinary characters but others will eat it up. I ate it up once I learned not to take the film seriously. The story of Spork is simple as its just about a nerdy kid who gets picked on at school. The difference here is what J.B. Ghuman Jr does with the film. He dares to give his characters odd names and mock stereotypes. He tries new things that most who don’t truly appreciate “odd ball” films won’t admire. Things like the stuffed dog and references to “The Wiz” are just some of the random yet often hilarious inside jokes in the film.

J.B. Ghuman Jr. created the world of “Spork” and I must say what a vivid imagination that guy has. While most of the film is so out there you can’t even begin to take it seriously, somehow there are some really touching moments in the film. The way the characters interact is not like most films you would see but it works. The music in this film is also great. I would say this had one of funkiest yet really catchy soundtracks I have seen in a while. I think the music fits the tone of the film well so bravo to the soundtrack as well

In the end, “Spork” gets high marks from me because I admire a filmmaker who thinks outside the box. The films basic premise has been done so many times before but J.B. Ghuman Jr. put a unique twist on a outdated storyline. “Spork” is definitely a film that isn’t for everyone but those who want something that dares to be different but also pokes fun at itself as well as society, this is a good film for you to see. It’s not your typical high school or middle school film so be forewarned before watching. If you like things that are “out there” or “odd” be sure to check it out. “Spork” won’t be winning any awards any time soon unless it’s for most odd and unique independent film but that’s ok because it doesn’t need too. I think what “Spork” does best is create it’s own unique and fun world that you can get lost in for 90 mins and for that, I am thankful.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for “Spork” is an 8 out of 10.

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