Stan Lee Confirms “Black Panther” Movie; Talks “Black Widow” Spin-off Possibility

Stan Lee Confirms Black Panther  Movie; Talks Black Widow  Spin-off Possibility


by Justin Cook 

Stan Lee, the man responsible for the creation of hundreds of iconic comic book superheroes and characters, confirmed a Black Panther solo film as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the Fan Expo Canada on Friday.

While answering questions, Lee said the following about superhero movies Marvel studios was working on: “They are already working on Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Black Panther, and there are others I am not allowed to talk about.”

President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has expressed interest in making a Black Panther film in the past, but has never made an official announcement regarding a solo film for the superhero.

Lee is a very reliable source when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so him saying that a Black Panther movie is in the works probably means exactly that.

There is no word, however, on an exact release date for the film.

If Black Panther ends up being a Phase Three Marvel film, it will be the third Phase Three film to feature an entirely new superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; the first two being Ant-Man and Doctor Strange.

At the Fan Expo Canada, Lee was also asked about the possibility of a Black Widow solo movie, which he responded to with the following: “We haven’t made a Black Widow movie but she’s been in some of our movies, and she will be featured more prominently as we move forward. And the chances are she will have her own movie because eventually all the superheroes are going to have their own movies.”

Many fans have expressed interest in seeing a Black Widow solo movie, especially after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which Black Widow played a very important role.

Scarlett Johansson has given extremely strong performances as the character in previous Marvel films, and perhaps her recent summer hit Lucy will show Marvel that she can carry a superhero movie by herself.

Source and Quote Source: Comic Book Resources 

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