Stephanie Sottile’s 31 Days Of Christmas – Day 6: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Stephanie Sottile’s 31 Days Of Christmas – Day 6: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

And now it’s time, dear readers, if I may,

To bring you a film from back in the day.

Back when we were tiny and our souls were not black yet

Can you guess which film I’m talking about yet?

Think of a classic, one that’s stood the test of time…

Ah, shit, I already wrote it in the headline.

So, yes, let’s remember about this Grinch who is green,

Who hates Christmas and presents and who’s just plain mean.

How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas will always live on

To tell the tale of a monster with his monster con.

The Grinch hated noise and fun and all the Whos,

You’d think he’d just move away from Whoville- get a clue.

He complained for over 53 years, according to the Grinch.

Well, doesn’t this town have some kind of noise ordinance?

There was no need to commit burglary on such a grand scale;

On the Whoville police department…seriously, an epic fail.

The Grinch made a Santa suit, with help from his dog,

All after performing his vile-filled monologue.

I bet he doesn’t even take his dog for walks or lets him play.

Does Whoville have a chapter for the ASPCA?

The Whos then slept while the Grinch planned his vast caper.

He’ll steal Christmas! Man, this looks good on paper.

He’ll steal their trees, their presents, and their food!

That will put them out of the Christmas mood!

His dog will guide his sleigh, with heavy antlers on his head,

This Grinch really needs a change of meds.

He enacted his plan, and all was going well.

He certainly began to solidify his place in Who-Hell.

With the most recognizable song being sung; we all know in a synch,

You really are a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

You stole from children and you stole from the elderly,

When they wake, this sadness will be etched in their memory.

You even lied to poor Cindy, who was no more than two.

They should’ve included a description that your heart is made of poo!

You took all their belongings back to your cave,

Scowling by yourself, I’m sure that’s your fave!

Well, the Whos got you beat, because they have a heart.

Stealing material things couldn’t tear them apart.

The glow from their spirits erased all your hate,

It’s still Christmas- it’s not too late!

So we see the Grinch learn a valuable lesson,

As the Whos forgave him for his transgression.

They welcomed him back for a feast made for a king,

And while they eat, they sing, sing, sing!

This review isn’t really needed, as this one’s a golden classic.

If you didn’t like this one, your heart must be made of brick.

The animation is endearing, the songs will live on forever,

And it’s written by Dr. Seuss who was always amazingly clever.

So during your holiday, for whatever you celebrate,

Watch it with your friends and family- don’t even wait!

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Stephanie is an actress/writer based out of New York City, originally from South Florida (and yes, she accepts your sympathy). She’s a jill of all trades with experience in many areas: serious stage acting, sketch acting, directing for film and stage, writing, espionage...alright, maybe not that last one. She loves cinnamon candy, Edgar Wright films, and her dog, Chubby (who also loves Edgar Wright Films). You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, and her website-

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