Sundance 2013: “Wrong Cops” – Review by MovieManMenzel

Looks and feels like an Adult Swim show gone awry.

I am a huge fan of Quentin Dupieux from films such as Rubber and Wrong. He is a very unique filmmaker simply because he creates comedies that are made for those who have a finer appreciation for filmmaking and get dry satirical humor. Needless to say, as a fan of his previous work, I was extremely excited to learn that Dupieux was showcasing the first part of his new film Wrong Cops during Sundance 2013.  I felt lucky to be one of the few to see the first half of his newest film that had a premise that not only seemed unique and clever, but also the perfect plot for an amazing comedy.

Wrong Cops takes place in the not-so-distant future where crime in Los Angeles has reached an all time low. The cops are now angry and bored. They are so bored that they must do what ever they can to keep themselves entertained, no matter what it takes. Told in a total of what is rumored to be six chapters, the first three chapters of Wrong Cops is what I witnessed at its premiering screening during Sundance 2013. Based on the premise/plot above, one would think that Wrong Cops should be amazing and hilarious, however, what I witnessed was anything but that. The problem is that what dares to be funny, daring, and original just falls flat without a single laugh to be found.

The 45 minute film that was broken up into three parts felt so long and painful. I am now going to go into detail about each of the three parts in the film:

The first chapter introduces this cop named Duke (Mark Burnham) who as a way to solve his boredom sells weed to a series of people in the neighborhood for various forms of payment. The payment can be anything from money to a blow job. The weed that he delivers is not handed to the customer in a bag, but rather in the stomach of a dead rat. This is seriously suppose to be the joke of most of this chapter, but again as I said earlier its just not funny. Once this chapter fails with that joke, it moves on to Duke driving around and harassing a teenager played by Marilyn Manson. Duke proceeds to harass the teen and suggest he has no clue what good music is and states he was trying to “sneak a peek” while Duke was taking a piss. Duke arrests the teenager and forces him to come back to his house where he can show him what good music is. Back at the house, Duke takes off his pants while he dances and sings in his undies to music that is just plain awful.  It doesn’t take long before the teenager finds a way out of the house and makes his escape. Duke tries to run after him and pulls his gun to shoot him but instead shoots his neighbor. Duke shoves his neighbor in the trunk and thats where the chapter ends.

The next chapter involves a man name Sunshine played by Steve Little, who owes Duke a lot of money and still wants to buy more weed. Duke decides that if he deposes of the neighbors body in his trunk that he will consider his debt cleared off. Sunshine and Duke make the deal and everything seems to be going according to plan until Sunshine begins to dig up the backyard to bury the guy in his truck. As Sunshine is digging up the backyard, he finds money in the ground and decides not to bury the man but instead just pay back his debt to Duke. He calls Duke to tell him the news and now Duke is stuck again with the body and no solution.

The third and final chapter (at least for now) which is by far the worst of three focuses on two other cops Shirley (Arden Myrin) & Renato (Eric Wareheim). The chapter opens with Renato trying to harass a young woman named Julia (Agnes Bruckner) with the hopes of seeing her tits. Meanwhile, Shirley finds out that Sunshine once did gay porn and is going to blackmail him for the money in which he found in the previous chapter.

As soon as the final chapter’s credits began to roll, I immediately got up and exited the theater. I originally (and almost always) planned to stay for the Q&A but after now painful those last 45 minutes were, I was so disgusted that I just wanted to leave as quickly as possible.  Wrong Cops attempts to do something along the lines of what Tim and Eric do on adult swim, but the problem here is that the film has no idea how to flesh out the idea. The film as i said earlier is broken down into segments but they just don’t work at all. The jokes all fall flat and as much as it tries to be rude and crude, it failed to produce a single reaction from me other than disgust.

I still like Dupieux as as a filmmaker and will continue to follow his career. I can only hope that Wrong Cops isn’t what is next to come from the director and is simply a speed bump in his career. This is probably one of the most painfully unfunny and longest 45 minutes that I have ever had to sit through in quite sometime. It is without a doubt the worst film that I saw at Sundance 2013 and I am pretty sure that as of right now that MovieManMenzel won’t be returning for Wrong Cops chapter 4-6.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for Wrong Cops is a 2 out of 10.

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