“Superman: Unbound” Review – by Jose Romero


Superman: Unbound Review

by Jose Romero

Superman: Unbound is DC Animation’s second full-length feature with everyone’s favorite red cape wearing superhero, Superman. Now for those who don’t know I am a huge fan of DC Animation’s films. I love their work and ability to stay true to the ink on the page and then make it come to life on the screen. I have always admired the way they never stray from the source material they are taking from and stay true to it all the way, but enough about me praising them. You came here for a review and that’s what you fine people are getting. Now the number one reason I was excited for this movie was cause it pits Superman against one of his most well known enemies in the DC Universe and that is Brainiac. This movie is based of the comic book titled “Superman: Brainiac” by Geoff Johns.

Now the plot of the film is as followed. Superman is living a nice and peaceful life on earth doing his usual thing like saving Lois Lane, working at the Daily Planet, and so on and so forth. He also watches over his unpredictable cousin Supergirl who is still getting used to living on earth after crash landing on it a few months ago. One day a weird meteor shaped object heads toward earth, but it transformers into a drone like figure who is there to scout the earth. Superman defeats this drone quickly and effectively only to find out later by Supergirl that a being known as Brainiac sent the drone. Supergirl goes on to explain that before she came to Earth, the people of their home planet Krypton had battled Brainiac, who is a cold and callous alien obsessed with the control of knowledge. Now Brainiac has set his sights on destroying Earth and finishing off the Last Son of Krypton once and for all. This epic battle will change Superman’s world forever. So as you can see the plot for this film is pretty intense. Also many fans of Superman have wanted a film that pits him against perhaps one of his most formidable foes from the comics. This movie was screened at Wondercon here in California and gained a lot of praise both from fans and critics. I was very excited to see it for myself and when I finally did I was absolutely satisfied with it.

I like how in this film Superman (voiced by Matt Bomer) is trying his best to be the crime fighting super hero he was born to be. While trying to maintain a normal life with the women he loves. This movie acknowledges the fact Lois Lane (voiced by Stana Katic) and The Man Of Steel are together and that it’s an everyday struggle to make their relationship work. Due to the fact Clark/Superman doesn’t want to put her in danger if his enemies found out they were together (it’s a cliché, I know), but then again almost all superhero movies use this. Also this little story arch ends in a way that many female fans will love. Supergirl (voiced by Molly Quinn) was a pretty great character as well since she added a lot to the story. I like how in the movie she has fully developed her powers and is using them to her full potential. She knows she has these powers and she wants to use them on evildoers. Though sometimes she can get out of control with them she has a good reason for it and it is explained in the film. Her story arch in the film helps the rest of the events unfold and it also ends on a good note. Now lets talk about Brainiac (voiced by John Noble), oh man this character was something. His presence was ominous and intimidating due to the fact he shows no fear towards his adversary. He has a one-track mind and doesn’t care about anyone else, but his mission to obtain knowledge. He is one of those characters who just wants to accomplish what he has set out to do and will crush anyone in his wake. Even Superman, who does get his butt handed to him a few times thanks to Brainiac. All around the cast and characters in this film were very well developed and all attributed to the movies plot. I will admit the movie is a little slow at first, but once Brainiac gets in the picture oh man it picks up like crazy.

Like always the animation in films by DC Animation is stellar and Superman: Unbound is no exception. I have always thought there animation is fluid, gritty, violent, and also in actions sequences very fun to watch. They are not afraid to go that extra mile to make there movies intense and as action packed as possible. I would go as far as to say that DC Animation’s films are on par with that of some anime films that depict darkness, grittiness, violence, and intensity. Superman Unbound had several animated action sequences that were so brutal and hard-hitting I could not take my eyes of the screen.

All around this movie finally scratches that itch that many Superman fans have had. That being having him face one of his most powerful and very popular foes ever in Brainiac. I would recommend anyone who is a die-hard Superman fan to pick this up on Blu-ray and DVD when it comes out May 7th. Also if you are a bit impatient for Man Of Steel this movie will certainly hold you off till then. My rating for this movie is a Popcorn & Soda Combo, which is my highest rating on my channel. The movie is all around fun, the plot is well developed, stays true to the source material, has great voice cast, characters all have story arch’s that contribute to the movie, and the animation is just great. I’m Romero for RMN and I hope you enjoyed this review.

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