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Written by Gabriel “Big Gabe” Alcantara of Stuffed Burrito Entertainment

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s December. The Holiday Season has officially arrived and with it also comes Awards Season. Every year, there are hundreds of award shows that celebrate Cinema’s biggest and brightest films from all over the world, but unfortunately, not all films get their spot in the limelight, even if they deserve to. There are many deserving films that will be snubbed for various reasons, and possibly some less deserving films will be recognized simply because the producers tossed around a lot of dough and campaigned to get their films in various award shows. Now, no doubt, there will be plenty of films that we all could debate on whether or not they deserve recognition, and we all have that right to voice our opinions. That is why I’m expressing MY right to voice mine and taking it a step further as best as I can.

In March of this year, I had the good fortune to attend the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas with my dear friend, Scott “MovieMan” Menzel. I should also mention our friend Anthony Hurtado aka The Random Mind, who was also with us for a short period of time during the festival, but sadly, missed the film I’m about to mention. What up, Anthony?! We saw some good films and, ugh, a few duds as well, but the one film that made its premiere at SXSW and left a lasting impression on me, was also the winner of the SXSW Grand Jury Narrative Award, and that film was Short Term 12.

Ever since I watched that excellent film, it’s been on my brain and in my heart. I practically prayed it would get a wide release and it never really did. It was screened at various festivals where it received much acclaim, and received a respectable limited theatrical release for a film with its small budget and lesser know distributor, but I don’t feel that’s enough. People NEED to see this film and it deserves some Award Season love. Hey, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences aka Oscars, I’m talking to you.

The film is a realistic and heartfelt depiction on foster care and how certain individuals deal with the difficult reality of helping troubled teens, as well as maintaining their own personal relationships. It is a tear jearker and a half, filled with so much power, humor and deep thought. The whole cast, whom I was fortunate enough to meet and sit in during an interview conducted by Scott, does a wonderful job in the film, but it is the wonderfully humble and adorable Brie Larson who carries this film with such grace and persistence. She needs, I mean, absolutely NEEDS to get, at least, an Oscar nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars. Most of you know her from films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street, but trust me when I say, THIS is her breakthrough role. This is the film that could define her as a glorious and talented actress. She deserves nothing less than pure admiration. Ms. Larson is the key to this film’s legacy.


I am not affiliated with this film. I am simply a fan who fell in love with it and I what to see it succeed. Too many good films get snubbed and forgotten, and if there is any justice in this world, Short Term 12 will not become a casualty of Hollywood’s politics. Now I know this is just some chickenshit little blog, I’m a guy with no pull or power in the industry, and maybe I’m being naive in thinking this could make any sort of difference, but goddammit, I gotta try something. I feel any fan of this film should try something.

What I am asking is for anyone who is reading this to please get the word out and support this film. Sadly, it has been yanked out of a lot of theaters and will be hard to find until its blu-ray and DVD release on January 14, 2014 but if you have seen it, you should already know what a powerful film this is and should take pride in supporting it. If you haven’t seen it yet, trust me, when you do, you’ll be moved and happy that you supported this film.

So tweet about it. I’ve been using hashtags like #SupportShortTerm12 and #BrieLarsonForBestActress

Use whatever hashtags you want, just tweet about it on the regular. Tag the Oscars so they can see it.

Follow the official Twitter page: @ShortTerm12 and tweet to them.

Like the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shortterm12 and share their posts.

Follow me on Twitter where I’ll be tagging @ShortTerm12 and putting up a bunch of hashtags at least once a week. I’m at @StuffedBurritoE and no, this is not a desperate attempt to get followers… is it?

Make videos about the film if you’ve seen it. Make a video if you want to see it. Post about it on Facebook and all sorts of Social Media outlets. If you have any other ideas on how to support this film, list them down below in the comment section. Share this article, if you would be so kind. Spread the word how ever possible… Just PLEEEEEEEASE support Short Term 12. I promise you, it’s that good of a film. Thank you.

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