SXSW 2016: Sausage Party Review by Ashley Menzel

SXSW 2016: Sausage Party Review by Ashley Menzel

sausage party

This is one of the worst, most disgustingly terrible infantile pieces of crap. It was one of those moments where you are genuinely disturbed and scared for the future of humanity. Sitting in a theater surrounded by people hysterically laughing at something so immature and stupid really makes you worry. Has everyone lost his or her damn minds?

The whole plot of the film is that the Gods (humans) come to the store everyday to select the chosen few to go to the Great Beyond. The obvious joke being that they are going to get eaten and killed. A container of mustard was returned to the store and brought the horrors of his journey back to tell his story. Frank and Brenda are chosen and on the way out, the mustard freaks out and causes a spill, making Frank, Brenda, a few other foods and a douche to fall out of the cart. The douche is angry and wants revenge on Frank and Brenda and spends the entire movie searching for them.

Meanwhile, Frank is on a search to find the truth and must find Firewater because he is a non-perishable and has all the answers. The film attempts to also bring in the religious aspect of Frank trying to convince the other food that there is a different perspective and that they can’t just blindly believe something of which they have no proof. Unfortunately, coupled with the immature and infantile humor comes off as disingenuous and an attempt to redeem a terrible film.

The film opens with a song that right off the bag references tea bags getting to tea bag. Oh yes, this is where we are going and it only gets worse from here. Some of the other disgusting jokes include talking about doing just “the tips,” talking about jerking off into someone’s eyes, a gay Twinkie called Twink, extermination of juice by the German food, and even a talking condom discussing his horrifying experience.

The worst part of the film is not that fact that there are disgustingly gross out sexual scenes, but more for the fact that the filmmakers THINK they’re being witty and intelligent by giving the food racially charged stereotypes, and terrible puns. The film was just so disturbingly terrible and painfully unfunny. There is even a scene where a Jewish bagel tells the Mexican taco that the German food tried to even have them moved to the barbeque aisle. You know, because genocide is supposed to be funny, right?

While there are a plethora of disturbing scenes in the film, some of the worst ones deal with the ongoing gag that the Frank the sausage wants to get in Brenda the bun buns and it is a constant running joke of filling her bun and other variations of that. It is just awful. I cannot understand this sense of humor. It is really the lowest form of comedy and actually truly enrages me. It makes me angry and sad that this is what people are enjoying and finding funny and somewhat explains how people can also be stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump.

The conclusion of this film is a scene of food having orgies and really explicit visual demonstrations of this. It is disgusting, distasteful, immature and disturbing. I can’t even put into words how truly terrible this film really is. This is by far the worst movie I have seen in my entire life. It scares me to my core than this is where we have gone with comedy and what people really appreciate in film. Seth Rogen has just marked the death of comedy in America.

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  1. I think ashley menzel is a jackass and has no sense of humor.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I do hope you enjoy the movie. It isn’t my cup of tea but people don’t want to read “it isn’t my cup of tea” as a review.

  3. How the hell were you able to see the movie 5 months in advance?? Terribly sorry it sucked so bad, by the way. I’m still interested in seeing the film for myself, to judge it on my own, but I’ll be fine waiting until it’s on Netflix or Redbox or something like that.

  4. They did a special screening for SXSW only. It wasn’t even finished yet to the point where some stuff was still hand drawn

  5. While you have every right to feel offended and “disturbed” by whatever you wish (which seems to be almost everything) you probably shouldn’t call yourself a “movie reviewer”. A good critic will look at whatever is put before them, and judge the work on its merits, with their own feelings set aside. You obviously can’t do that, as you come off angry that Seth Rogan is even allowed to release a movie you don’t like.

    If One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest is your favorite movie, and you prefer classics, you probably wouldn’t appreciate an R rated cartoon. Your inability to look at the movie for what it is, is akin to someone reviewing new cars and prefacing their review with “I hate anything Asian, and anything built in Asia… Now here’s my review of the idiotic, and hateful Honda Civic”.

  6. I appreciate your opinion and I agree that a good critic can look at a film and see the merits of it, IF there are any. Even films I detest, I can usually find something redeeming about it, with the exception of this film.

    If you want me to say that the animation was good, I won’t because it was really generic and looks like any animation that you can find on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. If you want me to say that the voice acting was good, I also won’t because there was nothing spectacular about it. The ONLY voice that was interesting was Edward Norton who tried to sound like Woody Allen, but still couldn’t make enough of an impact to even warrant mentioning in a entire review of the film. All the voices of the actors sounded exactly like the actors, so there was no mystery or interest to figuring that out either. The storyline was trite and predictable. The characters were ACTUAL stereotypes and so flat.

    Citing that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is my favorite film, that is true, but looking at my reviews, you will also see that I enjoyed Keanu (an R Rated Comedy), Deadpool (an extremely R Rated Comedy), and Sleeping with Other People (R Rated Comedy). I’m not offended by sexual comedy or humor when it is done with purpose instead of being the only point of the entire film. Also, you’re saying that my tastes are so singular that I only like classic cinema but none of the reviews I’ve written with high ratings on the site are classic cinema. Even if this weren’t a Seth Rogen film, I still would’ve hated it. I hate it not because of the name attached to it, but for the stupid and terrible film that it is.

  7. Also, I do truly hope you enjoy it more than I did.

  8. Don’t worry Swirly Straw Studio’s “Snack Attacks” pilot episode wont show sexuality and profanity but rather show the good vibe of the 50s and 80s starring teenaged concession stand foods and their leader Oscar Bunn a greaser hotdog in the city of San Foodcisco

  9. Actually Rob, you are an idiot. If reviewers “set their feelings aside” then you wouldn’t have a review, just a description of what is in the movie. It is okay for reviewers to be offended. People can be offended believe it or not, that is why people sometimes fight. It is totally an okay thing to happen. Get over it.

    The purpose of reviews is to decide if people liked (AN EMOTION) the movie. If you didn’t like the movie, then people want to know that, whatever the reason.

    Your analogy with cars is stupid, since there is no singling out here. She doesn’t like this movie because it uses “infantile” humor and is “disturbing.” That is not a “genre” that she is dismissing, or a “movie maker” or a “type of movie” if you don’t know what genre means. This movie is billed as a comedy, therefore the reviewer SHOULD tell us if it is FUNNY!!!! She doesn’t think so. Evidently you don’t think she can say that and call herself a reviewer.

    Thanks for illustrating how screwed up America is.


  10. I think Justin stickley enjoys infantile humor. Good for him.

  11. Hey Ashley I’m on your side, I feel a bit jealous that Seth Rogan made something relatable to Snack Attacks which is more family friendly and appeals to teenagers, I appreciate what Seth tries to show, but not fair for audiences who want something friendly and better like mine. Oscar Bunn the main character is much farther than Frank, he is loyal, small minded and a juvenile de- link-uent and only relies on the life he as with his four best friends, I call that an interesting picture. This subject of animated food won’t be the only one to be appreciated.

  12. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited to see a movie. Imagine a room full of people laughing and you’re the only one stewing there in anger. Ashley did you ever stop to think that maybe the problem is…you? Teabags getting to teabag someone is amazing. But it starts with the premise that you find teabagging funny. Obviously laying one’s nuts on an unsuspecting friend’s head/face (or total stranger) is hilarious. It’s hilarious because nuts were never intended for such a purpose. Trust me if you had nuts, you’d get it. For now the closest thing you can do to teabagging people is write your reviews. Let me show you an example: “Has everyone lost his or her damn minds?”. You wrote that. That’s not actually English. If you’re going to use “everyone”, you’ve got to use “their damn minds”. You see Ashley, you just put your nuts on my cheek. You teabagged me! Or “Frank and Brenda are chosen and on the way out, the mustard freaks out and causes a spill, making Frank, Brenda, a few other foods and a douche to fall out of the cart”. That’s not English. You don’t have the first idea of what a comma is supposed to do in that sentence. Your run-on sentence is just like teabagging me! I can keep going with another 4-5 examples from your review, but I think the reader gets the idea. Next up you mention “The obvious joke being that they are going to get eaten and killed”. Ashley it’s such an obvious joke that nobody ever made a full length feature film about it? That’s odd, isn’t it? I also noticed that you like superheroes, zombies, vampires and other supernatural themes where the prevalent theme is death. How very Christian of you to be enthralled with draining humans of their blood. Meanwhile you pound your first over how degrading it is to watch imaginary cartoon food have sex. That’s just unnatural! Lol Ashley, methinks you need to take sex a little bit less seriously. You might actually find it fun. But start off slowly if it’s been a while. Just the tip 😉

  13. Justin Stickley is just the kind of a-hole you typically find on IMDB or youtube. If you hate something he likes, he is personally offended. How dare you! And out comes the insults, you have no sense of humor, you’re a jackass, you’re a stupid republican, you are dick-less, you have no taste, go watch Disney, you’re just a Bible Thumper (you believe in the SkyWizard et al).

    Justin is emblematic, sadly, of a lot of youth—I would guess he is less than 23 years of age, typically regurgitating little crass ad hominem instead of actually saying something.

    He’s the kind of dork that goes all Prince Valiant when some wench that he has no chance with gets insulted, until he finds out the other guy is a foot taller than he is, and which time he stains his pajamas.

  14. Raphael, you lay out the argument perfectly, with great detail. Unfortunately, you hand yourself.

    Everything you mention is in support of what she is railing against…cheap, low brow humor.

    Eddie Murphy once said, and not without a little disdain, that all he had to do was go out on the stage, make a little face, pause, and say “F**k”, and people would roar. It’s the lowest common denominator.

    Every little kid thinks farting is funny. But at some point, hopefully, you grow a little and you want humor to reach a little deeper. Modern comedy film makers have the same issue that some modern horror movie makers have, they take the easy way out and go gross. Someone, somewhere will laugh about a poop smear, urinating on someone, semen, etc. You make it so easy Raphael. I promise you, I could make a movie that would make you laugh all day, because people like you will laugh at anything, as long as it is a little absurd and a lot of gross.

    When I read the Ashley bit, I didn’t see so much anger from her, as disbelief that THIS is all it takes to amuse people.

    Gotta give it to Rogen though. He knows this, and it makes him rich with little effort.

  15. “Sitting in a theater surrounded by people hysterically laughing at something so immature and stupid really makes you worry. Has everyone lost his or her damn minds?”

    I think what you are sensing Ashley, goes beyond a silly Seth Rogen movie, and goes straight to the heart of a real change in some aspects of humanity.

    People think socialization now is rave parties and Pokemon Now. It is this segment of the population, the 16-25 year olds, for which this movie is designed. Their limited attention spans don’t warrant actual plot, and because they don’t interface with a lot of people, bashing those who have a relationship with God and laughing at misfortune and grossness goes with the territory.

    You want to worry? Let me share you this tidbit.

    A few months ago, right in front of my house, a teen was giving his little brother a ride on his handlebars…the little boy was about 10–neither were wearing helmets. He was going down the hill at a great speed, lost control, and hit my curb, the young boy’s head hitting the concrete. I rushed out there…the boy was on his back, blood balling up in his mouth, his eyes half open, moving head side to side. It was obvious he had brain damage (and it turned out he did, he is now an invalid). I called 911, after asking if anyone else did. I got a blanket. I stayed with the boy to make sure no cars hit him and no one moved him. I got a blanket to cover his bloody body. A good crowd of about 30 people, “neighbors” gathered. No one helped. Some of the kids were laughing at the way the boy was spastically moving in the street. About 1/2 the crowd was recording all this on their smart phones. Too busy to call 9/11, but not too busy to record this horror for their amusement.

    That is who occupies our theaters now. So yes, people HAVE lost their minds.

  16. I’m sorry Tom, but I’m not buying it. You don’t get to draw the line at where easy humor stops (and you certainly don’t get to tell people that they’re less sophisticated for liking it). Is physical humor easy? Chris Farley is largely considered a genius by all his peers. Long before him Peter Sellers could make people roar by imitating a bad Indian accent and trying to stop a clogged toilet without saying a word (see toilet humor). After Sellers often John Cleese would get his biggest roars by simply doing a silly walk. Not all humor has to be intelligent, and believe me I adore the likes of John Stewart and John Oliver. But there’s a place for even childish humor, and it starts with accepting that part of your inner child doesn’t have to die when you hit 20/30/40/50. It’s that part in me that still laughs when Chris Farley crashes down on that table. And if you watch the documentary that recently came out on his life, you’ll see just how powerful everyone thought that childish humor was. He was a guy that never grew up, and God bless him for that.

  17. This movie has a character named “Sammy Bagel, Jr.”. That’s just stupid. It’s not a pun. It’s just replacing someone’s name with a random, unrelated food item. “Hammy Davis, Jr.” is a pun. I’d be shocked if the creative process behind that wasn’t someone saying “name a famous Jew and a Jewish food” and they just crammed the first two they thought of together. That really reflects on how lazy and half-assed this movie is.

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