The 10 Worst Films of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

2. Lila & Eve 

Lila and Eve Sundance Movie

Before sitting down at the World Premiere of Lila & Eve, I had no idea that if the closing night film at Sundance doesn’t get a press screening earlier in the week that it usually means the film sucks. Well, I will always keep that in mind whenever I am at Sundance moving forward because Lila & Eve sucked. I went to see this film for one reason and one reason only and that was because Viola Davis was the star. What scared me immediately about the film was that it co-starred Jennifer Lopez. Let me just say this now, Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo is to Drama as Adam Sandler is to modern comedy. They are both toxic and should be avoided whenever possible. While Jennifer Lopez is by far the worst thing about this film, I must also point out that it is so bad for several other reasons as well. The acting besides Davis is horrendous, the story becomes so farfetched that it quickly becomes laughably bad, the film lacks a creative vision, and lastly, it feels like something that should have been made for television.When walking out of the theater after the premiere, I quickly said Lila & Eve is without a doubt, the worst film of Sundance 2015. Well that is until I saw…

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