The 10 Worst Films of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

1. Knock Knock

Knock Knock Movie Sundance

Talk about a shitty double header. I saw Lila & Eve and Knock Knock back to back on my last night at Sundance. I honestly didn’t think I could see a crappier film than Lila & Eve but was proved wrong about 10 minutes into Knock Knock. The worst thing of all about Knock Knock is that I really wanted to see it and thought it would be a total mind-fuck, however, no such luck. To be completely blunt about it, Knock Knock was complete shit from start to finish. To me, Eli Roth had a good idea but didn’t believe in it or didn’t know how to execute it so he just made this film. The general idea here was to have two attractive women torture a “good guy” to prove a point. The problem is that Roth didn’t believe that the women he picked were hot enough without having to showcase them either in the nude or in slutty clothing throughout. He also couldn’t convince Keanu Reeves to act. I go into complete details as to all the reasons I hated Knock Knock in my full review.

Check back soon for my 10 Best of Sundance Film Festival 2015 list as well as several more reviews coming soon from various films that I saw at Sundance. 

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