The 10 Worst Films of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

8. Ten Thousand Saints

10 thousand saints sundance movie

I picked the image above because the faces that Hailee Steinfeld and Emile Hirsch are making matched my facial expression during the entire time that I spent watching this film. Ten Thousand Saints is a coming of age film and after Boyhood, I have no idea why Ethan Hawke thought it would be a good idea to star in another coming of age tale. This time around Hawke plays a father who smokes weed and sells it for a living. His son Jude (Asa Butterfield) is lost in life and doesn’t care about school but instead spends his time doing drugs with his friend Teddy (Avan Jogia). One day, Jude learns that his father’s new girlfriend has a daughter named Eliza (Seinfeld). The three hang out and Teddy and Eliza hook up. It is soon discovered that Eliza is preggers and the situation is only made worse when we learn that Teddy has overdosed. I don’t want to spoil the film for those who are intrigued but in my eyes, it only got more and more ridiculous as it progressed. The pacing here is awful and really didn’t care or connect with any of these characters. It felt like it was trying so hard to be edgy and different but just failed completely. I am sorry Mr. Hawke, I love most of your work, but playing a stoner father definitely isn’t good source material for you.

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