“The Devil Inside” – Review by Jake Peffer

The Devil Inside Review

by Jake Peffer

The Paranormal Activity series has given life to the found footage genre of movies. Since the release of the first Paranormal Activity we usually get at least three or four found footage movies a year now. We’ve already had three this year and it all started with The Devil Inside.

Isabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade) wants to find out what happened to her mother. Years ago her mother allegedly killed three people during her own exorcism. She travels to Italy where her mother is staying in a mental institution. After meeting her mother and seeing how possessed she is she wants to find out more about the process of exorcisms. Two priests take Isabella to a couple of exorcisms so she can see what all happens during one, hoping she can have one done to her mother so she can be normal once again.

I can sum up my reaction to this whole movie in one word, wow. This was without a doubt one of the worst movies I have ever seen put on film. It’s very clear that the makers of this movie just wanted to capitalize off the success of the found footage genre and the recent success of most exorcism movies. They put absolutely no effort into this movie and it really does show.

The main problem is the fact that it is a found footage movie and they try to play it off as if this all really happened. No one would ever believe that any of this happened so why they thought it would be clever to film it that way is beyond me. Adding to the problems, this whole thing is just a big, “who cares?” story. They do nothing to make you like any of the people involved, especially the main girl, and none of the actors seem like they even want to be there. Not to mention that the entire movie is ridiculously boring from start to finish. Literally nothing interesting happens the entire movie and then when things do start to happen toward the end the movie just ends in possibly the worst way any movie could ever end.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch with some friends or looking for something scary that will scare you and your significant other, The Devil Inside is not the movie for you. Watch anything else other than this and you will surely have a much better time.

Rating: F

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