The Grade Book: “Fifty Shades of Grey”

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The Grade Book: Fifty Shades of Grey 


Plot: A literature student’s life changes after she meets a billionaire named Christian Grey.

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

Writer: Kelly Marcel (based on the novel by E.L. James).

Cast: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, and Jennifer Ehle

Genre: Drama, Romance

Running Time:  2 hours and 5 minutes

U.S. Release Date: February 13th, 2015

MPAA Rating: R (for strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behavior and graphic nudity, and for language)




(Lowest Grade Given: F, Highest Grade Given: C-)

CONSENSUS: Dakota Johnson tries her hardest, but not even her performance can make the dull, un-sexy Fifty Shades of Grey come alive.


Ian Bulaclac (WLF Fan)

Grade: D+

Oh my, Fifty Shades of Grey, what a big disappointment. I felt like they went too safe when it got to the sex scenes; they just felt more tame than erotic. Jamie Dornan as Mr. Grey just didn’t do it for me. Dakota Johnson did fine as Ana, though. Overall it was one of the more disappointing movies of 2015 so far.

Nick Casaletto (WLF Fan)

Grade: D- 

I have never in my life been to a movie that was so painful to sit through. The acting from everyone besides Dakota Johnson is cringe worthy to the highest degree. The movie looks nice and is well directed, I guess, but so is most of the crap that comes out of Hollywood these days. There is absolutely no message in this movie, as well as no character arcs. Everyone is so one-note and remains that way throughout the painful duration of this film. There is no love story here; there is no story period. This “film” is glossy soft-core porn with a bigger budget and lots of cringe-worthy dialogue. Steer clear everyone.

Tony Estrada (WLF Critic)

Grade: D

A movie that has beautiful cinematography and a well-done performance by Dakota Johnson. But the movie is too focused on being porn at times rather than actually telling an engaging story, which the story itself wasn’t even close to being. Jamie Dornan can be good in some spots, but it feels like he is just phoning it in and it doesn’t help when his character delivers some of the most terrible and unbelievable dialogue I’ve heard in quite a while. The sex scenes are just as dull as the overall movie. Fifty Shades of Grey came out on Friday the 13th for a reason; because it’s a curse.

Chad Gleason (WLF Critic)

Grade: C-

This film really has no business being in the theater. I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t like it either. The movie looks good but the acting and dialogue come off as laughable. If Mr. Grey looked like me and said all of those things, he would never have a chance in hell with anyone. Plus the sex is so unwatchable. This film should just be on late-night TV like Cinemax — or just be porn clips on the Internet. What a joke.

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Viktor Guizar (WLF Fan)

Grade: C-

Despite having a decent production design and honest performances from the leads, this adaptation of the novel lacks the punch of it’s original material; for a movie about sadomasochism and bondage, it is actually quite boring.

Leah Hather (WLF Critic)

Grade: F

The fifty shades of grey has that typical cringeworthy story of ordinary girl who is loved by a monster. Bad dialogue and some very unlikeable characters that have no chemistry between them.Creepy is the new sexy apparently

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Nick Iacobucci (WLF Critic)

Grade: D-

Too bad nobody’s gray cells were used to write the script for Grey. This film is so boring that it make Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Smut” look like The Bourne Ultimatum.

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Jerry Leal (WLF Fan)

Grade: D+

The film does its purpose, but as a writer I feel like at times it’s like doing graffiti but while staying guard to see if cops will catch you doing it. The acting is decent but aside from the sex scenes the film is very slow and, let’s face it, just eye candy for both sexes.

Austin Putnam (WLF Critic)

Grade: F

The first 20 minutes were an unintentional comedy, but after that it just delves into a monstrosity. EVEN WORSE than Twilight.

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Bryan Sudfield (WLF Critic)

Grade: F

Just no. Dakota Johnson does her absolute best and she’s fine in the movie. The cinematography was pretty good too! Jamie Dorian was awful and the chemistry was poor because of him. And now…we’re getting two more of these films, so that’s just perfect. I hated this movie and I feel sorry for anyone who was dragged to see it; but I was lucky enough to see it for free. Overall, skip this!


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