The Grade Book: “Mortdecai”

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The Grade Book: Mortdecai


Plot: An art dealer races to recover a stolen painting rumored to contain codes leading to Nazi gold.

Director: David Koepp

Writer: Eric Aronson (based on the novel by Kyril Bonfiglioli)

Cast: Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, and Paul Bettany

Genre: Comedy, Action

Running Time:  1 hour and 46 minutes

U.S. Release Date: January 23, 2015

MPAA Rating: R (for some language and sexual material)




(Lowest Grade Given: F, Highest Grade Given: B-)

CONSENSUS: Mortdecai has some funny moments between Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany, but it mostly fails as both a comedy and a caper and marks another disappointment in Depp’s recent film choices.


Chad Gleason

Grade: B-

Johnny depp and Paul Bettany’s performances are the only reason to watch this. Comedy gold when their working together.

Click Here for Chad Gleason’s Video Review

Mike Holtz

Grade: C+

This reminded me of Johnny Depp’s version of the 90’s The Pest. It is really stupid and it made me laugh, even if I couldn’t care less about the story.

Click Here for Mike Holtz’s Video Review

Nick Iacobucci

Grade: F

It fails as an Austin Powers camp film, it fails as an Inspector Clouseau or Lt. Drebin comedy, and most of all it fails as a movie period. The reason Clouseau, Drebin, and even Paul Blart work is because they are funny and likeable….are ya listening Johnny Depp?

Click Here for Nick Iacobucci’s Video Review 

Mark Krawczyk

Grade: C-

Johnny Depp does a great job of character acting again. I did like how his character insulted people in the most polite way ever. Paul Bettany really steals every scene he is in and stands out with the best performance. Overall though the jokes are forced and it felt as if it could not make up its mind as to what it wanted to be. You can see why a film with this many big-name actors was released in January. Definitely a comedy that is only worth watching once…on Netflix…preferably with alcohol.

Austin Putnam

Grade: D

This is a film that tries too hard to be fun, funny or anything really. Most of the jokes are running gags. While they get a chuckle or two at first they run stale after a while. Another nail in the coffin for Johnny Depp’s formerly great career.

Click Here for Austin Putnam’s Video Review


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