The Grade Book: “Oblivion”


Plot: While searching for some of Earth’s remaining resources in the future, a man begins to question his mission. 

Director: Joseph Kosinski. 

Writers: Joseph Kosinski, William Monahan, Karl Gajdusek, and Michael Arndt. 

Cast: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, and Andrea Riseborough. 

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure.

Running Time: 2 hours and 4 minutes.

MPAA Rating: PG-13.



(Lowest Grade Given to the Film: C+, Highest Grade Given to the Film: A)


SUMMARY OF THOUGHTS: Oblivion takes some obvious turns with its script, but the film features breathtaking visuals, an alive soundtrack, and a top-notch performance from Tom Cruise.



  • Christian Becker:

Grade: C+

While M83’s score is top-notch, and the action is exciting, one can’t help but pick out each scene and feel like they’ve seen it before. Oblivion is the perfect sci-fi movie for someone who has never seen a sci-fi movie before. Even the visuals, which are wonderful to look at in the first half, grow stale and tired as the movie goes along.

  • Joe Cauwel:

Grade: B-

The look of the film is the star here. Plus I bought the relationships between Tom Cruise and his female leads. But a mishmash of The Matrix , 2001: A Space Odyssey, a little Star Wars pod racing, and a massive Hollywood ending hurt it ultimately. Better than most flicks but you should be able to figure the plot out just from the trailer.

  • Chad Gleason (MovieManCHAD):


Grade: A

A fabulous science fiction film that had me invested during the entire presentation. I felt completely satisfied, even when I felt a little disjointed as the plot progressed. It really had me wondering if it would all make sense, and by the end, my mind was forever blown. Please let this director make a Star Wars movie NOW!!!

  • Daniel Hollis:

Grade: B

An array of science fiction tropes, which makes it a more of a game of dissecting which influence comes from which movie. That being said there is an enjoyable experience to be had with Oblivion despite it lacking in the script department. With an impressive visual scope and art style, there’s enough here to justify the price of admission; unfortunately the story doesn’t reign in the whole production.

  • Mike Holtz (WeWatchedAMovie):

Grade: B

The environment looks great, Tom Cruise’s hair looks great, and there’s not an abundance of action. But the story has a few cool tricks up it’s sleeve. Oblivion won’t change your life but it’s a pretty fun watch.

  • John Maffeo:

Grade: B-

Sci-fi has taken a high road in recent years, especially with the new Star Wars on the rise soon, and this film is a solid addition to the new generation in the genre. Tom Cruise carries the film with conviction, and the visuals are viscerally awesome. Granted, the story takes a few turns that ultimately deduces the overall experience, but it’s still a whole lot of fun. Many films influenced this project, and perhaps movies will take influence from it someday.

  • Zachary S. Marsh:

Grade: B

It is redictable and laughable at times, and has a weak script. However, Tom Cruise brings it all and the visuals are stunning, which makes Oblivion a theater release worth seeing at a matinee price.

  • Steven Merced (Geeked Out):

Grade: B

Oblivion was a visual joy on all fronts, as it has amazing special effects and a great cinematic environment. It reels you into the world it created with great acting from the movie star that is Tom Cruise. The story felt pretty original for the first two-thirds of the film but in the last third of the movie it seemed to drag a bit too much — and I felt there were to many scenes that should have been left on the cutting room floor. That, along with a misused Morgan Freeman, make a movie that could have been a great sci-fi classic feel like just a fun time at the theater. In reality, that is okay for what feels like the beginning of an outstanding summer of film.

  • William Bond Nunn: 

Grade: B+

A really good sci-fi epic with great visuals and an amazing soundtrack. Tom Cruise gives another great performance, but the rest of the cast isn’t as memorable and neither is the story. The story is good, but it’s nothing special. This is one of those movies that’s fun to watch mainly for the world that you get to witness that looks so real and captivating — while also hearing the awesome music played in the background. It’s definitely my favorite movie of 2013 so far (but I still have yet to see Trance and The Place Beyond the Pines).

  • Alex Perez:

Grade: C+

I wanted to really enjoy this movie, I really did! And there are things that I do have to commend the film for, most notably the GORGEOUS visual effects, a spine-chilling musical score, and a great leading performance by Tom Cruise. That being said, however, I ended up being very disappointed by Oblivion, as I thought it was very predictable, I didn’t like the twists, the script was weak – and at times, cringe worthy – and it was rather slow. If you enjoyed it, good for you. But I left the theater feeling kinda cheated, honestly.

  • Dean Searle:

Grade: B+

While not soaring to the heights of great sci-fi that asks deep questions of life and philosophy, it does excel at being a good sci-fi film. It’s one that engages thematically, dazzles visually, and excites in the action. With a great performance from Tom Cruise, solid ones from everyone else, a beautiful soundtrack, and a story that leads down a path I was not expecting but thoroughly enjoyed, Oblivion is a great precursor to the summer movie season and is well worth your time.

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