The Grade Book: “Paranormal Activity 4”








Paranormal Activity 4

Plot: A family witness strange events after a woman and child move into the neighborhood. 

Directors: Henry Joost and Ariel Shulman. 

Writers: Zach Estrin and Christopher B. Landon. 

Cast: Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton, and Matt Shively. 

Genre: Horror. 

Running Time: 1 hour and 28 minutes.

MPAA Rating: R.




SUMMARY OF THOUGHTS: Paranormal Activity 4 features some OK acting, but the series has run dry of tension or scares — and the film’s ending is very dissatisfying.



  • Joe Cauwel:

Grade: D

Do not support the uncreative efforts of Hollywood by spending your money watching it.

  • Ryan Fecskovics:

Grade: D

A failed attempt to revamp this series. It sucked really bad. Save your money and see The Perks Of Being Wallflower.

  • Chad Gleason (MovieManCHAD):


Grade: B-

Not as good as the 1st and the awesome 3rd film, but I saw it twice, once for myself and the other so I could watch the audience! It’s more of a fun/haunted house than a real movie, so I look at it a lot differently than a real film. It’s fun — and the sounds of girls screaming into laughter gets me every time. When can you say that with today’s horror films, which seems to silence an audience into boredom.

  • Leah Hather:

Grade: D

The film lacks any scares or tension, with a story that doesn’t make sense to the franchise. When will they learn to stop making bad endings?

  • Daniel Hollis:

Grade: D-

Despite the great direction that took place in Paranormal Activity 3, this installment takes a huge step back as we enter this lackluster sequel which features no scares or an interesting story to carry the audience. What we are semi-treated to, however, is a fairly realistic look into a modern family unit which on the surface seems functional but underneath the exterior is falling apart. This unfortunately is only touched upon and when this is the most positive point on a horror film, you know something’s gone drastically wrong.

  • Steven Hunt:

Grade: D

After 3, I thought there may have been some life left in this franchise. I was dead wrong. This movie is dull, boring, and full of terrible jump scares. The ending is awful as well. This is the type of movie you can leave and be just fine when you get home. I don’t understand why people are still seeing these.

  • Brandt Sohn:

Grade: D+

There is a bit of excitement to be had in this installment, but most of the scares have been done before and done better. The acting is some of the best in the series and this is the funniest as well, whether that is intentional or not. See Sinister over this if you haven’t already.

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