The Grade Book: “Skyfall”


Plot: James Bond and M’s relationship is tested as MI6 comes under attack by a man who seeks revenge on M.

Director: Sam Mendes.

Writers: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and John Logan.

Cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, and Naomie Harris.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama.

Running Time: 2 hours and 23 minutes.

MPAA Rating: PG-13.




SUMMARY OF THOUGHTS: Skyfall is one of the best films in the Bond franchise, with Daniel Craig solid as ever as Bond and Javier Bardem perfect as the film’s villain. The movie is beautifully shot and features exciting action scenes, as well, and brings new depth and darkness to the main character’s world.



  • Gabriel Alcantara (Big Gabe):

Grade: A+

As a long time James Bond fan, I can say with full certainty that Sam Mendes has delivered one of the best Bond films ever, if not THE best Bond film ever, as well as one of the best films of 2012. It’s certainly going to make it hard for any director to top this film. It’s brilliantly crafted and beautiful to gaze upon. Yes, the action is thrilling and the usual Bond elements are all there, but it’s the story that actually sucked me in and had my full attention.

  • Christian Becker:

Grade: A

Beautifully shot, breathtaking action, and more character background/arc than any other Bond film. This is one of, if not the, best action film of the year.

  • Ryan Fecskovics:

Grade: B+

Good action film. Beautiful cinematography. The Art Direction was strong. Story was meh. But visually, Bond has never looked this good. Judi Dench kills it as M. And Daniel Craig proves how he can be a sensitive yet kick-ass Bond.

  • Chad Gleason (MovieManCHAD):


Grade: A

The best Bond film I’ve ever seen!!!

  • Leah Hather (Bright Eyes Long Lashes):

Grade: B+

Classic Bond is back!

  • Daniel Hollis:

Grade: B

A strong entry to the series which doesn’t reach the heights of the dazzling Casino Royale. However, this portrays a more emotional side to the Bond character as well as introducing an interesting triangle relationship between the three central characters. The film lacks a smooth pace, however, and often approaches more theatrical and superhero-esque tones that don’t always work for the film.

  • James Michael Holtz (WeWatchedAMovie):

Grade: B

Skyfall brings the rough edges of Craig’s Bond and mixes it with the more traditional styled Bond films, minus the gadgets. The result is less action with more style. It all depends on your Bond tastes.

  • Steven Hunt:

Grade: A+

This is a rare thing. My already high expectations for this movie were fulfilled and surpassed in every way possible. Daniel Craig is, of course, great in this movie, but Javier Bardem outshines him as Silva. He is amazing in this movie, making for one of the most memorable villains in years. Sam Mendes directs this movie perfectly: from the cinematography to the action, it’s all perfect. This is my favorite movie of the year. However, I still believe Casino Royale is slightly better.

  • Zachary S. Marsh:

Grade: A-

Action-packed, intelligent, and a whole lot of fun, Skyfall delivers on just about everything anyone could want in a sophisticated action film. Definitely worth checking out on a big screen. Javier Barden is vicious and fantastic.

  • Scott Menzel:

Grade: A-

I never thought I would say that there would be depth in a Bond film. However, Skyfall proves me wrong. Daniel Craig is amazing as James Bond and brings a deep and dark side to the character and Javier Bardem is one of the best Bond villains to date. The film showcases some stunning shots (especially of Shanghai) and features some of the best action sequences I have seen all year. Skyfall mixes humor, action, drama, and suspense together perfectly, making it one of the best, if not the best film, in the Bond franchise.

  • Kevin Morrison:

Grade: A

This solved all the problems I had with the previous two Bond films and got the perfect balance between fun and serious. The story was brilliant, the actors were superb, and this was the perfect Bond film for fans and new-comers alike. I am now definitely on the Daniel Craig train and that ending made me fall in love with this new direction. Great fun movie!

  • Alex Perez:

Grade: A-

Despite having a somewhat underdeveloped villain, Skyfall is still quite possibly one of the best James Bond films to date, thanks to another great leading performance from Daniel Craig, brilliant direction by Sam Mendes, an interesting story, phenomenal action scenes, witty one-liners, and some great homages to past Bond films. Definitely a great way to celebrate Bond’s 50th anniversary!

  • Austin Putnam:

Grade: A

While it isn’t the best Bond film it definitely is one of the best. In my eyes, Daniel Craig has surpassed Sean Connery as the best Bond. Craig not only plays a dark, cold and savage Bond, but he also pays homage to the older Bonds so well. Javier Bardem’s performance as Silva makes him one of the most memorable villains in the Bond franchise. The action sequences are phenomenal. The cinematography is absolutely mesmerizing. It better get a nomination at the Oscars next year. Finally…Adele’s theme song “Skyfall” was truly beautiful. One of my favorite films of the year.

  • Daniel Rester:

Grade: A-

Skyfall is one of the best Bond films I’ve seen, and one of the better films of the year. Sam Mendes brings darkness and a strong human quality to the Bond world, and he is aided immensely by his crew (especially cinematographer Roger Deakins). Daniel Craig proves he is a solid Bond once again, but Javier Bardem gives the best performance in the film as the colorful and intense villain. If you are a Bond fan, don’t miss this film!

  • Dean Searle:

Grade: A-

Shoots Bond back to form, technically excellent as is most everything else. Feels like it’s missing the cherry on top though.

  • Brandt Sohn (Film Recall Sohn):

Grade: A

Sam Mendes brings James Bond back and better than ever. His impeccable direction shows that he can tackle different genres and make them his own. He has a talent for telling a story, and this is the most story-driven of them all. A lot of depth is given to the character of Bond, and Daniel Craig is excellent in the role. He proves himself once again as an action hero, but also as an actor as he makes the character very human and shows his vulnerability. Javier Bardem is the best villain of the year and commands the screen. The cinematography is stunning and deserves an Oscar. Scenes from Shanghai are almost hypnotically filmed in the way that they draw you in and the last fifteen minutes make for one of the best sequences of the year. The heart-pumping action is thrilling and well-edited. One the best-looking Bond films to date and a great tribute to previous Bond films. Skyfall is without a doubt one of the best films of the year and might just be the best Bond film ever made.

  • Tom Veliotis:

Grade: A

The perfect balance of heart-pounding thrills, emotional involvement, and that classic Bond humor.

  • Delon Villanueva: 

Grade: A-

It’s a much quieter, talkier Bond this time around (aside from that fantastic opening action sequence), but Sam Mendes brings an emotional edge to the 007 franchise, raising the personal stakes for Bond and MI6. Javier Bardem is fantastic in this film, and is possibly in it for an Oscar nomination. Although the pacing could have been tighter, Skyfall is still a Bond entry that will resonate for a long time.

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