The Grade Book: “Evil Dead”

Evil Dead

Plot: After going to a cabin in the woods in order to help a friend kick drugs, five friends must fight for survival after demons begin to possess them. 

Director: Fede Alvarez.

Writer: Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues.

Cast: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, and Elizabeth Blackmore.

Genres: Horror.

Running Time: 1 hour and 31 minutes.

MPAA Rating: R.




SUMMARY OF THOUGHTS: Evil Dead has some flat characters and dialogue, and features little of the humor that the original had, but it makes up for such things by having effective direction and astonishing practical effects. It’s one of the better horror remakes to come along in the past few years.



  • Gabriel Alcantara (Big Gabe):

Grade: A-

Filled with typical horror cliches, some characters that aren’t fully developed, some jump scares and not much of a plot… but so freakin’ what? This is a great horror film and such flaws can be expected. This isn’t art nor is it meant to be. The gore is amazing and the horrific situations that occur are intense, chilling and just plain fun. No, it’s not better than the original but it pays proper respect to Sam Raimi’s classic and more than satisfies the need some of us humans have but hate to admit: our sadistic, instinctive need to see senseless violence and blood.

  • Erik Bajzert:

Grade: B+

A stupid, mindless bloodbath… but that’s kind of the point isn’t it? It’s an incredible amount of B-movie fun.

  • Christian Becker:

Grade: C+

It was decent. I’m glad I saw it, but I just didn’t have as much fun as I wanted to with it. I’m not a guy whose entertained by seeing if someone can break the world record in blood used. The characters just didn’t do it for me. I found none of them very likable and had not a care in the world if any of them died. It didn’t help that they were all played by terrible actors who looked like androids when re-siting their lines. Good things that stuck out to me were the cinematography and the score. The thing was shot expertly, and I haven’t been that transfixed by the score in a horror film in a while. The practical effects also made it easy to appreciate the effort that went into making the look and feel effective in those shockingly gory moments.

  • Ryan Fecskovics:

Grade: B

Sadly the film had really weak character development, but it was a hell of a good time. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Jane Levy does a fantastic job in her role as Mia. Other than her performance, the film was pretty much a non-stop thrill ride. The practical effects were lovely to look at and I applaud Fede Alvarez and his team for that. So, I recommend this movie for anyone who loves gore and horror. But audience members, please don’t bring your children to this…..find a babysitter.

  • Chad Gleason (MovieManCHAD):


Grade: B+

A great horror remake that actually delivers the horror!

  • James Michael Holtz (WeWatchedAMovie):

Grade: C-

You should never be bored going to see a movie titled Evil Dead and this is boring. Jane Levy was great to watch but they instead chose to focus on one of the cardboard cutout characters and his forced back-story for most of the film. Evil Dead is not scary, and to be honest, the gore doesn’t even live up to expectations.

  • Steven Hunt:

Grade: B+

One of the better horror movies to come out in the past few years. It’s brutal and violent. The acting is fine for the most part, with Jane Levy turning in a fantastic performance as Mia. It’s not as good as, say, Evil Dead 2, but it’s still one hell of a ride that has a final 20 minutes that amaze.

  • John Maffeo:

Grade: B+

It’s not sharp in terms of dialogue and character development, but it’s an exhilarating and fun time! Horrifying imagery and constant intensity aid in creating an experience movie fans shouldn’t miss out on.

  • William Bond Nunn:

Grade: B

I thought it did justice to the original film in some ways while also being different enough to make its own feeling. Loved seeing the references and easter eggs in the film, the effects and makeup and props were great, and overall I had a fun time with the film. Needless to say: It was groovy.

  • Austin Putnam:

Grade: A-

Let’s get this straight: the remake won’t be as good as the original, but Fede Alvarez delivers on his remake with flying colors. This is a great throwback to old-school horror films, so yes it is predictable, but it still ended up scaring the sh*t outta me. Beautifully shot, brutally terrifying, amazing practical effects, good acting, simple plot — while it also pays homage to the original and it also stands firm on its own ground. Go see this with a crowd and a girl at your side. Awesome experience. Favorite horror film of the year by far.

  • Daniel Rester:

Grade: B

Being a big fan of Sam Raimi’s original, and hearing about all of the hype, I was pretty excited right before going to see Evil Dead. The remake has a mostly-poor script and lacks the wild humor of the original, but it delivers on the gore and excitement factor. Fede Alvarez is a talented new director, blasting the screen with insane horror scenes. The amazing practical effects, terrific cinematography, and thrilling music score also help. I didn’t love this film, but it was very satisfying as a modern horror movie.

  • Christian Ruvalcaba:

Grade: A-

A great reboot that completely respects the original film. Jane Levy gives a great performance as the possessed young-ling terrorizing everyone in the house and the blood and gore serves the movie right. Those fans of the original film will really appreciate the amount of practical effects portrayed in the film that gives a sense of realism to this supernatural film. Although the movie is a little slow, like most horror films in the beginning, this reboot gives justice to any horror fan and assures they will have a good time watching it. Did I mention there was blood and gore?

  • Brandt Sohn: 

Grade: A-

This is a reboot for the 21st century. The style of the original would not translate as well today with the style of horror we now have, so they kicked it up a notch and took it darker, and with that I say it succeeds. Fede Alvarez gives this film an almost artistically dark direction, excellent cinematography, and the music is a wonderful throwback to symphonic horror scores. The dialogue is mostly bad, the characters are not developed, but those are the very flaws of the original. The only memorable character I can think of is Ash, and with that, there is a very memorable character in this reboot. Jane Levy steals the film with one of the best horror performances I have seen this year. The practical effects shine through with extremely grotesque makeup that would make Rick Baker proud. Evil Dead is a reboot with a vengeance that is a blast to watch, with more blood than I have ever seen in any mainstream horror release, and it succeeds just as the original did. It is a boomstick blast to the gut with shock value and fun — with a finale unlike any I have seen.

  • Delon Villanueva:

Grade: B+

It has a generic plot, two-dimensional characters, and horror cliches…but with the awesome direction of Fede Alvarez, beautifully gory practical effects, and a great performance by Jane Levy, you’ve got yourself a fun time at the movies. Although it could have benefited from some of the humor like in the old Evil Dead films, this movie knows EXACTLY what it is and delivers. It’s not necessarily scary, but it exciting to watch every death play out.

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