The Grade Book: “The Heat”

The Heat

Plot: An FBI agent and a Boston cop team up to take down a drug lord. 

Director: Paul Feig. 

Writer: Katie Dippold. 

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demian Bichir, and Marlon Wayans. 

Genres: Comedy, Action, Crime.

Running Time: 1 hour and 57 minutes.

U.S. Release Date: June 28th, 2013.

MPAA Rating: R.




(Lowest Grade Given to the Film: C-, Highest Grade Given to the Film: B+)

SUMMARY OF THOUGHTS: The Heat features some good laughs and excellent chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, but it is given pretty standard buddy cop treatment.



  • Christian Becker:

Grade: C-

A surprisingly safe for an R-rated comedy with two women in the lead. This isn’t a bad cop story, but it’s a by-the-book one with no surprises and great predictability. While I laughed at a nice chuck of the things McCarthy would say, most of it just came off as mean-spirited and unfunny.

  • Ryan Fecskovics:

Grade: C-

I was disappointed with this film. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy star in this generic buddy comedy film. From the director of Bridesmaids comes the most underwhelming comedy of 2013 so far. Yes, this movie has quite a few laughs, but yet again McCarthy is playing a similar role that she seems to play a lot. Frankly, I am hoping that she is given better roles soon. She is an Oscar nominee for crying out loud… Sandra Bullock was not bad in this film, but it just didn’t really showcase her talents. I walked out of the theater confused and frazzled. You would think that with a team like this, a better product would have resulted. Sadly, it did not turn out the way that it should have.

  • Chad Gleason (MovieManCHAD):


Grade: B+

The story is pretty standard, but the comedy is GOLD! Melissa and Sandra have amazing chemistry and the supporting cast is great too. It’s the best comedy of the year so far, and the best comedy movie Sandra has done since 1995’s While You Were Sleeping. This movie is a winner!

  • Steven Hunt:

Grade: B-

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock make this movie. They are great together, and McCarthy also shines on her own. A lot of the jokes in the movie hit and it was a pretty fun time. However, it was extremely predictable and felt like it was just taking plot points from 21 Jump Street. An enjoyable comedy, but nothing amazing.

  • Matt Marshall:

Grade: B-

Sure, it’s a predictable been there, done that buddy cop movie, but the on-screen chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy surprisingly holds The Heat together. In a year where you have to take what you can get with comedy, The Heat bolts past many disappointing attempts so far.

  • Scott Menzel:

Grade: B-

While it’s a far cry from being a brilliant comedy, I did find myself laughing quite a bit at the jokes in this film. Bullock and McCarthy each held their own and have great on-screen chemistry. Even though the film does have several really funny scenes, as a whole it is still a film that is ultimately forgettable. However, with the lack of decent comedies to hit the multiplexes each year, I would say that The Heat is probably one of the better ones of 2013 thus far.

  • Jake Peffer:

Grade: B

There isn’t much of a story here, but that’s okay because both Bullock and McCarthy are great and kept me constantly laughing throughout. The supporting cast is also great as well. It’s a pretty entertaining movie that will make you laugh.

  • Austin Putnam:

Grade: B

This reminded me a lot of The Other Guys. Only if Will Ferrel and Marky Mark were replaced with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Only this was better than The Other Guys. It’s a very funny film that’s also a very good buddy cop comedy.

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