“The Green Inferno” (2015) – Review by Clay Bloodworth

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“The Green Inferno” a gory, throwback slasher

There’s something very off with Eli Roth’s latest horror film “The Green Inferno”, but I can’t quite place exactly what it is. It’s possible that it’s too broad to pinpoint, because the whole movie has this surreal and otherworldly feel. It’s the kind of film you’d stumble upon in a deep, dank corner of some video store in the 80s. Or better, on an unmarked VHS tape in your friend’s attic. It’s definitely not something that you’d expect to see with a huge audience on a Saturday night. But, surprisingly enough, that’s exactly how I experienced it.

We follow a group of student activists from a New York City university who venture to the Amazon in order to ‘save the rainforest’. They’re a bit naive and aren’t fully aware of the potentially dangerous situation, and matters are made worse when their plane crashes in the middle of the green landscape. Soon enough, they’re surrounded by a tribe of cannibals who kidnap them and plan to eat each and every one of them alive. It’s a story-line that’s likely to come off as either completely ridiculous or incredibly terrifying, but the movie never fully reaches either extremes.

I can’t say that I was ever scared by what was happening on-screen, but there was something about the perverse, unapologetic nature of the film that intrigued me. The acting isn’t particularly good, and neither is the movie as a whole, but I found it to be a fascinating watch. Eli Roth always brings controversial images to the screen (most notably with his “Hostel” franchise), and  his latest is no different. There will be some that simply can’t sit through a film like this – and I can certainly understand why – but there’s undoubtedly a place for these gory, throwback slashers in today’s cinema. Seeing an unusual film like this on the big-screen was a bizarre experience, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. “The Green Inferno” is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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